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Monday, August 6, 2012

We have Facebook!

Tacky Tack is moving up into the land of Social Networking...wooooooooooooo. Behold, denizens of Tackiness

It is designed as an open group for everyone to post photos of Tacky finds, torture devices, horrible misuse of "hardware", etc. for discussion. I ask for no sales ads or trolling. If we can't play nice, mommy will shut it down.

Fantastic Product from!

Fly Free Zone leg bands are the bomb! Let me tell you, my gelding apparently tastes like candy to the flies and they would leave his poor white legs all chewed up and bloody. I used fly spray, but it only worked for a little bit. I bought a set of these leg bands by Fly Free Zone (they make neck bands too) and bam! No more chewed up legs. They are basically a Velcro band that you attach around your horse's lower leg. They contain a sponge soaked in a mixture of Citronella oil and fly repellent. Now, they do dry up eventually, but I discovered that I could soak them with my fly spray and some Citronella essential oil every week or so and they work good as new! Schneider's also carries the collar, which is excellent for keeping those deerflies from buzzing their ears.

Dressage...the epitome of elegance.

Or not. Usually we associate lovely, elegant black or dark brown, understated tack with this disicipline, but I recently stumbled upon...


You may run screaming now...