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Friday, December 17, 2010

Different Color - Same Tacky

Nope, a different color doesn't help this one at all. Still tacky, and pink, so two strikes there.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just Plain Ugly

Really not much else to say about this. It is just plain ugly.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Plaid Overload

Too. Much. Plaid.

This makes my eyes cross and threatens to give me a headache. And then, the saddle blanket to top it off. Ouch.

Friday, December 10, 2010


This beauty is advertised as an endurance saddle, which makes sense given the lack of a horn. However what does NOT make sense is the rest of the saddle! Silver plates on an endurance saddle? Big, heavy skirts? Heavy tooling? Stirrups with (backwards) tapaderos? What? Stick a little silver horn on it, take off the taps and call it a show saddle. This poor thing is just confused, maybe it will figure out what it wants to be when it grows up soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Epic Bit Fail to Bit WIN

Um, ouch. This bit is an example of types commonly found in use in India. There has been a large push for donated bits to be sent there and introduced to the locals. Details can be found here... I think this is a wonderful idea and applaud the group for taking the step in education and outreach. I wish more knowledgeable horse people would do it.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, it's, um...different. Looks like the seat was made from an old set of drapes from grandma's house. I have no idea where you would use this, except for schooling or trails. It is pretty fugly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Arabians do not come in Buckskin. Or Overo. Or Tobiano. Or Palomino.

DO. NOT. EXIST. Period, the end.

I see more and more "Purebred Overo Arabians" for sale every day. Doesn't happen, Arabians do not carry the genes for Overo. They DO come in Sabino, which can look SIMILAR, but is not the same thing. Why must everything have spots? I have also seen Tobianos advertised as purebreds. Um, no. That's a part Arabian, mayhap it is a very high percentage Arabian, but it is NOT purebred.

WA Outrageous, the purebred SABINO daughter of Khartoon Khlassic. This pattern is often mistaken for Overo.

Oh, and they don't come in creme dilute colors either. Thanks to Fire n' Ice, and his bleached mane and tail and membership to the Palomino "Breed" registry, everyone thinks they do. He is flaxen chestnut, not palomino. If you notice on his webpage, none of his PUREBRED get are palomino, or buckskin. Do we know why folks? Because the Creme dilute gene DOES NOT EXIST in the Arabian breed. You simply cannot have a buckskin, palomino, or other creme dilute purebred.

Fire N Ice, who, despite being registered as such, is most definitely NOT a palomino. He does not even LOOK like one in this picture. He is very obviously a chestnut.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Space Dressage

Someone sent me the link to this company, O-M-E-G-A, who makes saddles with "anatomic" trees. They may be high tech and well made, but they look like something from the space program. Or a comic book. Either way, they are strange looking things and they come in pretty much any color of the rainbow.

Ah, yes. Traditional and formal black and white. Not so bad. A real bear to keep clean though.

Red and black, OK if you are goth. Or in the SCA and your colors are red and black. Awe Hail Gleann Abhann baby!

Ostrich, mmkay. Showing off a bit are we?

Teal, hmmmm. Maybe if you were an endurance rider.

Bright freaking royal blue, see comment above.

Ok, really people? I thought we American rednecks were the only ones making camo-colored saddles. For shame.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Model Tacky Tack

This is a beautifully made set by Erin Corbett of Ever After Stables She made this set and titled it "Ode to Tacky Tack"! She incorporated everything Tacky that we all love to loathe! It sports hair on cowhide, pink fringe, sparklies, funky bit, and a pink leather seat! This lady is incredibly talented and makes lovely Western show sets for model horses. Just check them out on her site! I am honored to have had someone make something like this using my blog for inspiration. If I still showed model horse performance I would love to have this! Heck, I would love to have it just because!

Look at the details folks! She even has little stitch marks on the bridle straps.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awful Aqua

Yech, talk about too much. If it weren't for the big flower cutouts on this one it might be more tolerable. As if the background painting of the carving wasn't enough. I could also do without the black rolled edge on the cantle and the bling accessories. Same seller at the zebra catastrophe from yesterday.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This seller appears over and over on this blog. They seem to have an unending supply of tacky synthetic saddles available. They all seem to be made on basically the same pattern, just with different tacky accents.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Treeless Tacky

Treeless and tacky, looks really well made too. I would be scared to death to actually try to USE this on a horse. It looks like it would just fall the hell apart at any moment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Not Gone!!

I am ok folks, no worries there. I just have not been in the TackyTack zone, so to speak, lately. I have been spending every spare daylight hour riding the SRF and my new project Reba. No nickname for her yet. She is a MFT that belongs to another boarder and she needed to be ridden and worked with on basic training. She is coming along well, most of her issues are from being allowed to do whatever she wants. I have done a lot of riding in the hills around the farm with both of them, I have a couple of friends who come ride the SRF and we go bashing through the woods. It seems to help with both horse's confidence levels. Reba is also very out of shape, so it helps there too. I am struck by the difference, Reba will be SOAKED, dripping sweat, and the SRF is not even damp. Just goes to show that my girl is fit, so all the riding I did over the summer has paid off. So, that's whats been going on in my world. I promise I will be back soon with more tackiness.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Old horses are supposed to be skinny and lame...

HA! Tell that to my mare, Darlin'. She carried me to victory in the Gleann Abhann Equestrian Champion Tournament this weekend. At 29 years old. No one could believe it. This horse is amazing, courageous, and so talented. I owe the victory to her.

If any of you don't know, I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a Medieval reenactment organization. These photos were taken this past weekend at our Kingdom Fall Coronation.
Yes, I know the obstacle is right in my face, but I don't care. Look at the determination on her face!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost, but not quite..

I almost like this one. It looks like a nice, good quality, well made saddle...except for the hair on cowhide seat and swells. I don't even really mind the accents on the skirts and fender. That seat would either be prickly and uncomfortable even through jeans, or slicker than snot. It would also look moth-eaten after long use as the hair starts to wear off. The swells, well, I just don't like the way they look.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sparkly Pink Scariness

I really despise the big round parts on the straps, that looks weird. If they had to put a pink concho, why not there the browband attaches to the crownpiece like normal tack?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Side Saddle Available

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I will be selling my sidesaddle to put toward a new one that fits the Silly Red Filly and myself better. The one I have is a Royal King western, dark oil leather, suede seat and no silver, though it could be added. The seat is about 19 - 20". It has the upright horn and the leaping horn, both suede lined. I moved the stirrup leather foward to be more correct, switched the western stirrup to an english iron and added dee rings under the front skirt and safe to attach a breastplate. It is on full QH bars. I am asking $200 plus shipping. This is HALF what you can buy one new for off of eBay. Good starter saddle, just does not fit the SRF and I need like a 23" seat! It has standard double Western rigging. I will post more pics as soon as I can. This one of my Dad on mine at least shows the color...

Trooper B

B for BLUE. I was so stunned when I saw this in an email from a reader that I actually sat with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds. This is amazingly ugly, and probably amazingly cheaply made too. I still sit and stare thinking, "OMG, really?"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just In Time For Hunting Season

Just the right thing for the hunter in the family. A camouflage saddle pad and saddle bags to top it all off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barbie Strikes Again

I swear, one of the Barbie horses I had as a kid had a saddle blanket just like this. Then again, back then, these were my two favorite colors, together. What was I thinking?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Blue

Nice. Blue ghetto-flauge. Not quite as offensive as the pink version, but pretty obnoxious. The free blanket it comes with doesn't even match.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Star Struck

This one wouldn't be TOO bad were it not for the stars on the fenders. The stirrups also look WAY too far back to be comfortable.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Seeing Red

A reader sent me this, I have never before seen a solid red saddle. It seems to be part synthetic and part suede. I would imagine that a red suede seat would stain the crap out of your jeans if it got wet. Embarrassing.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Am Speechless

I like leopard print, but this left me speechless. I usually don't pick on native costumes on this site as I don't classify that at Tacky Tack. The reasoning is that just because it looks weird to us, if it is a country's properly executed, correct, native tack, then it is perfectly acceptable in that context. This however, is not. Egyptian dancing horse tack is traditionally solid colored with silver accents, usually black. This is an abomination in any country. It might look cool if only the seat of the saddle were leopard print, I know that in period, leopard skins were often used as accent pieces on native tack. This is just overdoing it folks.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TTOTD's Take on Natural Horsemanship

There is a huge discussion (again) going on over on Fugly's blog about NH. We all know that she doesn't think much of it, to say the least. I thought I would take a chance to state my views on it.

- I am not anti-NH, I am anti-stupid. I believe in what I call CSH or Common Sense Horsemanship. That thing weighs many times more than you do, don't be stupid. You can't be "nice" all the time to your horse if it is being a brat. You can't "love" them into submission. You have to have some common sense.

- I do use some so-called NH techniques. I tend to try to communicate with my horses in their own language, as much as a person can at any rate. They know I am boss mare, they respect my space. If they get too close, a growl and the "ugly mare face" will usually back them off. If they persist, they get smacked.

- I don't beat my horses, I WILL smack the ever-livin' crap out of them if they do something naughty. Bad behavior must be punished quickly and fairly. Usually I try to make it seem to them that THEY caused the punishment. "Oh, I am sorry! Did you just run your nose into my elbow REALLY HARD when you tried to bite me?"

- One example of my method in comparison to a well-known NH guru's teachings - My horse has no idea what the hell to do when asked to back up using Parelli techniques. Waving your finger at her and wiggling the lead illicits the head in the air and confused look from her. If you want her to back, point at her chest and give a gentle backwards tug on the rope and say "back up". Nice and quiet, no dramatic hand waving needed.

- I do use positive reinforcement, if she is good, she gets a pat and a cookie if I have one.

- I ride her when I want, not when she wants.

- Spooking and refusing to move for no reason is not tolerated, I do not dismount and do "approach and retreat" what does she learn then? "Oh, if I pretend to be scared and refuse to go forward, Mom gets off of me and we mess around on the ground and I don't get ridden as much." No, if she spooks and refuses to move forward, she has to stand facing the scary monster until she decides to go on. We can stand there ALL day, I don't care. And while we do, I am going to fidget, bump her sides and wiggle around and make it as uncomfortable as possible. As soon as she moves toward the monster, I relax. Simple, spooking and refusing to go forward makes things uncomfortable, going past the monster is much more pleasant.

- I try to remain calm and centered when working with horses, especially mine. She is sensitive and very much able to pick up on my mood. If I am tense, she is more spooky and high-strung.

So, no, I don't "follow" any one specific training method. I think everyone needs to figure out what works best for them and their own horse. I try to be fair with mine and use common sense when handling them. I have a horse that is sensitive, somewhat fearful of new things, and very, very silly at times. She is also very smart. It does not take long for her to figure out how things are going to be and what the consequences are for her actions. You just have to be consistent and fair. Using too much force with her nets the opposite result, you have to be firm, but not harsh. That's just how she is, her mother is the same way.

So what works for you and your horse? Do you have issues with a behavior and want some help correcting it? I know there are lots of experienced, successful trainers that read this blog. Let's discuss it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Purple People Eater

PURPLE synthetic saddle. Nice. This just hurts to look at.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Someone killed and skinned a Muppet to make a saddle cover!!

This would get SO filthy in my barn, it would be covered in dust and barn cat hair in no time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Very, very pink, and very scary. Nice curled jockeys there. Looks like something that came with a Barbie Horse.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice "Tooling"

Yikes, while not the absolute scariest synthetic I have ever seen, it is still pretty hideous. I love how they have used fake leather made to look like it has very regular, evenly spaced, tooling on it. From a distance it MIGHT fool someone. Or not.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back! Bling Overload

This looks alarmingly like it has been made out of a hideous rhinestone belt. That buckle is in a bad place too, the horse won't be able to move that ear back without hitting it. Major tacky tack here, and check out the background for the photo. Hint: If you are making a product to sell, try to take photos of it against a neutral background, not your muddy paddocks in front of an old falling-down barn.

Sorry for the long time no post thing! Been busy with other stuff.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Oh my, even the bit is pink. And it has been used. Run.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Wow, a woodgrain saddle. I think. Not sure exactly WHAT they were going for with this. It just looks funky. Not too horribly tacky, but odd looking, and cheap looking too.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Black and Blue

Yes, another cheap, painted, cardboard leather piece of crap that no horse should ever have to suffer. And look, it even comes with matching accessories. All it needs now is a blue saddle blanket. At least the stirrups are on correctly. That dee ring in the front girth rigging looks rather insubstantial to me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yep, it's a white saddle. With a purple seat. Looks like it was painted with white paint, and the purple seat makes it look kind lavender in this light. How long before the paint starts to wear off on your clothes? And can you imagine trying to keep this CLEAN? You couldn't oil it, it wouldn't soak in, and I bet the paint flakes off at the drop of a hat. Really people? Why on earth do you keep producing this crap? Are that many people actually buying it?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Guest Blog - The Silly Red Filly

Hi all, Fatima here. Mom is REALLY busy lately and hasn't been able to write much. She is also apparently too busy for ME even. The very idea! At any rate, it has been to blasted hot to do much here anyway, I am getting all sweaty and icky just standing in the pasture. My boyfriend Lucky says that I am still pretty anyway. Mom has been trimming my toes for me this week, she did the front ones Sunday evening and managed to rasp her knuckle off her little finger and bleed all over me! I was so worried my hair would get bloodstained, but she gave me a shower after and it all came off, thank goodness. Aunt Stephanie held my lead rope for her and wouldn't even let me nudge Mom in the hiney the whole time she was working! Last night Aunt Amina came to hold my leadrope so Mom could do my hind feet. This time Mom was smart enough to wear gloves to avoid rasping her hands. Silly human, why didn't she think of that in the first place?

Anyway, Mom has been telling me about some of the saddles she finds online, and I am horrified that my fellow equines would EVER allow their humans to put some of this stuff on them! I wouldn't be caught dead in this stuff! Can you imagine how this would clash with my pretty red hair?

Ewwww! This thing is HIDEOUS, and USED! Some poor horse had to suffer the indignity of wearing this, perhaps in public. I hope they bucked their owner off for committing this fashion faux-pas! I would have.

Ok, I have to go, Lucky is coming after me with his little ears pinned again because I am ignoring him. Catch you later!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


All I can think of when I look at this is the police caution tape.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Treeless Tragedy

This is a treeless Spanish Saddle, and I am the Queen of England.

Have a great weekend all!!

Dressage Prospect FAIL

Folks, this is not a dressage prospect. Check that neck and shoulder, that alone should tell you that this horse isn't a prospect for much except creating more overpriced cobs. I see tons of Gypsy Vanners/Cobs/Extra Special Hairy Horses advertised as dressage prospects. The vast majority of them are not suitable for dressage, they are little hairy tractors. I have seen them move, they go like what they are with short, choppy strides, and their heads in the air. I will admit, some of them may move better, if they have good conformation with a nice shoulder, balanced neck and level or uphill build. Unfortunately, most seem to be about as downhill as anything I have ever seen. Sometimes I just want to bang my head on the wall. I bet the Gypsies are laughing all the way to the bank, these things are like rats over there, and we snap them up at outrageous prices like no tomorrow.

This has been another TTotD Random Rant, brought to you by the folks selling these horses on Dream Horse.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haflingers. Are not. Palomino.

Was just on Dreamhorse browsing the ads out of boredom. "Ooh, shiny horsie!" I see a TON of ads for Haflingers advertising them as Palomino. They ARE NOT PALOMINO. Not ever. Not if they are purebred. They are chestnut, albeit flaxen chestnut, but chestnut nonetheless. There is no other color allowed or found in the breed, period. In order for a horse to be palomino, it must possess a cream dilution gene. This gene is not found in Haflingers, or for that matter purebred Arabians, but that is a topic for another time.

This has been a Tacky Tack of the Day Random Rant. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

No substitute.

I know this is an old topic, but some readers sent me some pics that have me riled up again.

I am so sick of seeing crap like this for sale. There is absolutely NO NEED for this. None. For crying out loud, just TRAIN YOUR DAMN HORSE! Stop shoving these beartraps on their faces and using them in a futile effort to "fix" your horse's issues. Sure, it will stop him, for a little while. Then what? Move on to a bigger bit? What happens when you run out of bigger bits? You going to throw him away and get another horse to screw up? You should need a license to purchase shit like this, or preferably, it shouldn't even be sold.

This next one is a gag bit, on top of the long shanks and twisted wire mouthpiece, it can use a gag action as well as the massive leverage the shanks can already exert.

I am not anti-bit, I am anti-cruelty and anti-stupid. I know bits are tools for training, and aids in communication. Different horses need different bits, some don't need any at all. It just depends. But no horse really needs to have it's face ripped up by some ignorant dolt with some contraption that someone at the feed store told them would "sure stop that horse, yes sir". I just wish that more people could be educated on this topic, and that more people could understand the need for proper training and patience with their horses.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow, the seller lists this as a "Zebra Print" saddle. Um, not quite. It is actually just an ugly black and white striped thing that looks like an old timey prison uniform or a referee's shirt. I guess if you were the ref at a polo match or something, but then it would need to be a polo saddle. Other than that, I really can see no point in this at all other than to be hideous.