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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elan Side Saddle

Got it! It fits well and after a few adjustments as far as saddle pads goes it is quite stable now. It is a smidgen too small for me, but it works. I have had to add a queen to the upright head as well as my thigh was not comfortable against it. I have ridden it trail riding twice now with not much drama. I did have to use a breastplate the second time as it slid back considerably going uphill. I also have since removed the overgirth that holds the flaps down, with it on I could not tighten my girth from the saddle. I simply cut the stitching holding it on so it could be reattached later if need be. Sorry for the bad pics, they were taken with my phone. The Cashel pad pictured is for sale, it didn't work for us. I will take $55 for it plus $15 shipping.

Oh, and she is NOT tied by her reins, they are simply draped over one of the bars on the trailer.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Gift Horse

She is gone. She passed on to where the grass is ever green on Sunday, March 13. She was 30 years old. She went peacefully and was buried in the pasture she ruled for 15 years. I feel like a huge piece of me has gone with her. I have her daughter, known as the Silly Red Filly here with me, so a part of her lives on. She changed my life, she made me understand how to communicate with horses and how to be patient and understanding. Her wisdom, strength, speed and stamina were endless. She was still competing and winning in the months before she passed. She was with me through everything, victory and defeat, joy and despair. She has always been there, a constant anchor, ready at any time to remind me that I couldn't fix everything, and that I didn't know everything. Run free my old girl, I will see you again, wait for me at the gate like you always have.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Addiction

Some of you may know of my strange addiction. It is one that affects many women worldwide. Some of them have blogs dedicated to it like Side Saddle Girl and Riding Aside. It is the side saddle obsession. How it came about, I do not know. I saw some photos maybe, or found a blog that was interesting, or perhaps I have grown bored and unchallenged by astride riding. Who knows. At any rate, after purchasing an inexpensive western side saddle and riding it (or attempting to) and discovering that it did not and would not ever fit my horse, it was sold and the search began for a new one. I have finally cornered my quarry and am working at paying it off. It is an Elan, and while there are many who do not like them, there are just as many who do. It was in the budget and at least is a proper side saddle, not an astride on with a couple of horns tacked on.

In my unending search for all things side saddle, I have stumbled upon many a beautiful piece and many an elegant habit. Today, though, I found something so drool-worthy I felt I had to post it here. It is by one of my favorite custom western saddlers, Sky Horse Saddlery. Many of you may say, "But Tacky, you don't like silver encrusted stuff." That is not true, I do like tastefully done silver, as well as art pieces, which is what these are, art.

Get a load of THIS...

I don't normally go for western stuff, but dang. That is just gorgeous, as is this one...