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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It amazes me... one company can provide SO MUCH scary looking tack to this blog. How many times have we seen their products here? They must keep the factories in Craptackistan working night and day to produce this stuff. Also, HOW exactly do you get leather to be this color? I can just imagine the cracking and flaking of the finish, not to mention the high quality leather and padding. However, if you feel you just can't do without, they kindly post their toll free number on EVERYTHING.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Show report and side saddle...

My Mayhew Lissadell came in! It fits us PERFECTLY. It is night and day compared to the Elan. I don't feel in any way unbalanced or precariously perched. It needs some work, more than I expected from the photos/description. I used it Saturday for a show and was tightening the offside billets when the front one snapped off in my hand! Completely dry-rotted. Thankfully we were standing still. I patched it up and rode the class anyway. Rode it again yesterday, using the remaining two offside billets (and praying) and the rear billet on the nearside ripped! Emailed the seller and getting a partial refund for repairs. It will NOT be sent back, MINE.

As for the show, it was the GQ's first time out. He did very well, coming in third in Hunter Under Saddle, and though he participated in and tried his best to do Horsemanship, he was beaten by the more experienced horses. He did so well though! No spooking, he tried as hard as he could to do what he thought was being asked. He was just so ADD, looking around like a llama. But he maintained a calm attitude the whole time, just very interested in his surroundings.

The SRF had a poor showing in the Open Gaited class, deciding in the lineup that she would rather scream and holler and bounce around because the GQ was nearby than to stand quietly. Sigh. We came in fourth. The Slow Gaited class (think gaited WP) was better, we came in third. She also had an excellent round of speed events, running just over 10 seconds on speed, 32.something on poles (first time EVER), and a 23.something on barrels, for the third time in her life. Can't complain. We came in third in speed. Little gaited horse can run!

The show was very laid back and relaxed, and the prizes were HORSE FEED!! 2 sacks for first, one for second and third, and a prize out of the supply box (contained electrolytes, show sheen, fly spray, etc) or a feed bucket for fourth and fifth! We came home with 3 bags of $15 plus dollar a bag feed and a small container of electrolytes. Not too shabby. Sorry for the lack of pics, we both forgot our cameras!!

And now, some gratuitous tacky tack for you...

Yes, denim.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally found a use for this saddle...

I may possibly have found the only real use for this particular saddle...

maybe if you put it on this guy, he might feel almost level...

See, there is a practical side to everything! LOL

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Finally, it is within my grasp, or nearly so. My Mayhew Lissadell. It is on its way to me. I will finally have an "old name" side saddle. It has a couple of patches to the doeskin and a couple of dings here and there, but otherwise is fine, and it is MINE...ALL MINE...MWA HA HA HA!

Now must wait until Friday without going crazy!

Photos by the seller, Cherry Blossom Farm

Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone actually USED this...

...and I feel sorry for their poor horse. How embarrassing. Not only does it have the unnecessary addition of a horn (on an Aussie, really? You need a HORN on an Aussie?) but also the misfortune of being painted a hideous shade of Pepto pink. It was sold USED on ebay, yes, someone else bought it, again. I am sure it is of Craptackistani make, as the "tooling" seems to be of the kind, and along with the painted pink leather, just screams quality.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Been Awhile

Life has been hectic lately. Moved barns, away from the drunken owner and her lack of give - a - damn. Never have I seen a supposed horse owner/trainer/barn owner who knew so little about basic horse husbandry.

Currently in the process of buying a "real" sidesaddle, a Mayhew Lissadell and selling my Elan. I finally found a saddle that fits my looong legs and the SRF's back.

Have finally gotten my dad's QH gelding Sonny, up here to start putting him through boot camp to make a lower level hunter/jumper/event horse out of him. He is so cute, a little red dun with primitive markings and a big ol' white face. Unfortunately, he is very immature and requires a much more "forward" ride than the SRF. I believe I will call him GQ, for Goofy Quarter Horse. I rode the GQ last night and the night before, he seems very willing to please and not too spooky, though he LOOKS at everything and has the attention span of a gnat. But, he is only 5, and in gelding years that's like, 2.

Finally got around to checking my TackyTack emails and have some more stuff to share!

Enjoy! (I guess?)

You know, I think my grandma had a sofa made from this same fabric, circa the 1970's.