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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Challenge for Schneiders

I has a gelding, Sonny, AKA Goober, has a saddle fit issue. I CANNOT seem to find an English AP or CC saddle WIDE enough for him. This horse does NOT look as wide as he is, but he takes a full QH bar with a nearly 8" gullet! I have a Wintec 2000, and have the widest gullet in it that comes with the regular kit, but it STILL causes issues, the panels are that thrice-damned CAIR stuff and the channel is too narrow. With the wide gullet it now rides DOWNHILL on an already slightly downhill horse. SO, anyone have any ideas? Anyone found a good saddle that will fit a TRULY wide horse?

I have been eyeing this saddle from Schneiders, but I still have my doubts that it would even remotely fit. I would LOVE to try it out to see if it passes muster. The saddle is BEAUTIFUL, and if it is as good a quality as it LOOKS and claims, it would be well worth the price. They have a lot of nice specialty items for wider horses like Arabians and QHs, so I am thinking it might would work. Anyone out there ever tried one?

So, Schneiders, what say you?