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Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, it's, um...different. Looks like the seat was made from an old set of drapes from grandma's house. I have no idea where you would use this, except for schooling or trails. It is pretty fugly.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Arabians do not come in Buckskin. Or Overo. Or Tobiano. Or Palomino.

DO. NOT. EXIST. Period, the end.

I see more and more "Purebred Overo Arabians" for sale every day. Doesn't happen, Arabians do not carry the genes for Overo. They DO come in Sabino, which can look SIMILAR, but is not the same thing. Why must everything have spots? I have also seen Tobianos advertised as purebreds. Um, no. That's a part Arabian, mayhap it is a very high percentage Arabian, but it is NOT purebred.

WA Outrageous, the purebred SABINO daughter of Khartoon Khlassic. This pattern is often mistaken for Overo.

Oh, and they don't come in creme dilute colors either. Thanks to Fire n' Ice, and his bleached mane and tail and membership to the Palomino "Breed" registry, everyone thinks they do. He is flaxen chestnut, not palomino. If you notice on his webpage, none of his PUREBRED get are palomino, or buckskin. Do we know why folks? Because the Creme dilute gene DOES NOT EXIST in the Arabian breed. You simply cannot have a buckskin, palomino, or other creme dilute purebred.

Fire N Ice, who, despite being registered as such, is most definitely NOT a palomino. He does not even LOOK like one in this picture. He is very obviously a chestnut.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Space Dressage

Someone sent me the link to this company, O-M-E-G-A, who makes saddles with "anatomic" trees. They may be high tech and well made, but they look like something from the space program. Or a comic book. Either way, they are strange looking things and they come in pretty much any color of the rainbow.

Ah, yes. Traditional and formal black and white. Not so bad. A real bear to keep clean though.

Red and black, OK if you are goth. Or in the SCA and your colors are red and black. Awe Hail Gleann Abhann baby!

Ostrich, mmkay. Showing off a bit are we?

Teal, hmmmm. Maybe if you were an endurance rider.

Bright freaking royal blue, see comment above.

Ok, really people? I thought we American rednecks were the only ones making camo-colored saddles. For shame.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Model Tacky Tack

This is a beautifully made set by Erin Corbett of Ever After Stables She made this set and titled it "Ode to Tacky Tack"! She incorporated everything Tacky that we all love to loathe! It sports hair on cowhide, pink fringe, sparklies, funky bit, and a pink leather seat! This lady is incredibly talented and makes lovely Western show sets for model horses. Just check them out on her site! I am honored to have had someone make something like this using my blog for inspiration. If I still showed model horse performance I would love to have this! Heck, I would love to have it just because!

Look at the details folks! She even has little stitch marks on the bridle straps.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awful Aqua

Yech, talk about too much. If it weren't for the big flower cutouts on this one it might be more tolerable. As if the background painting of the carving wasn't enough. I could also do without the black rolled edge on the cantle and the bling accessories. Same seller at the zebra catastrophe from yesterday.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This seller appears over and over on this blog. They seem to have an unending supply of tacky synthetic saddles available. They all seem to be made on basically the same pattern, just with different tacky accents.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Treeless Tacky

Treeless and tacky, looks really well made too. I would be scared to death to actually try to USE this on a horse. It looks like it would just fall the hell apart at any moment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Not Gone!!

I am ok folks, no worries there. I just have not been in the TackyTack zone, so to speak, lately. I have been spending every spare daylight hour riding the SRF and my new project Reba. No nickname for her yet. She is a MFT that belongs to another boarder and she needed to be ridden and worked with on basic training. She is coming along well, most of her issues are from being allowed to do whatever she wants. I have done a lot of riding in the hills around the farm with both of them, I have a couple of friends who come ride the SRF and we go bashing through the woods. It seems to help with both horse's confidence levels. Reba is also very out of shape, so it helps there too. I am struck by the difference, Reba will be SOAKED, dripping sweat, and the SRF is not even damp. Just goes to show that my girl is fit, so all the riding I did over the summer has paid off. So, that's whats been going on in my world. I promise I will be back soon with more tackiness.