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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barbie Strikes Again

I swear, one of the Barbie horses I had as a kid had a saddle blanket just like this. Then again, back then, these were my two favorite colors, together. What was I thinking?


  1. When I see that stuff, all I can think of is sweaty, stuck together clumps of matted fringe.

  2. I kinda like it but then again, I do have a stack of pink saddle pads in my tack room AND kitchen!
    Don't know how that long fringe would last for though.

  3. Kids like pink, what can I say? Actually, it's not that bad...but...I agree on the fringe. Looks like it would be hell to clean.

  4. Not exactly anything I would buy, but in a pinch it wouldn't hurt...

    I agree about keeping the fring clean as well as on the pad. Horses eat or play with fringe. Maybe is it targeted towards the drill team crowd? I can see that being decorative.

  5. I can see that in a parade, drill team event, but as soon as the event is done, off it comes!

  6. Remember Western Bsrbie and her "garage door" eye makeup??
    And her high stepping, no particular breed Palomino?

    Yup she would totally love this.

  7. No self-respecting drill team I know of would combine those colors! BLECH!!!!

  8. Cattypex...I had that Barbie. And the jeep AND the horse trailer (that had no top).

    Her horse was so well behaved. He stayed ground tied anywhere and didn't move without being asked. No buck, no bite. Heck, he didn't even eat or poop! Super long mane and tail that got ratty and matted the minute you took him out of the package.