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Monday, December 13, 2010

Plaid Overload

Too. Much. Plaid.

This makes my eyes cross and threatens to give me a headache. And then, the saddle blanket to top it off. Ouch.


  1. i LOVE plaid..but to much is soo tacky

  2. Maybe if you cross your eyes and look at it, you'll see 3D pictures pop out.

  3. I would totally ride past your house in the saddle while wearing navy and red plaid pants and a blue and purple plaid shirt on my paint horse.
    I like plaid in small doses. Where the lines are all going the same way. (no diagonal plaid against horizontal plaid for me!)

  4. It's said that the ancient Scots wove plaid patterns to serve as a form of camouflage. So maybe this is a Highland model....

    ... nah.

    The whole "tradition" of tartans is a Victorian construct, btw. Google Sobieski Stuarts for more info. Fascinating swindle.

    This appears to be from the Clan Burberry, of the county Orvis. :P