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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Addiction

Some of you may know of my strange addiction. It is one that affects many women worldwide. Some of them have blogs dedicated to it like Side Saddle Girl and Riding Aside. It is the side saddle obsession. How it came about, I do not know. I saw some photos maybe, or found a blog that was interesting, or perhaps I have grown bored and unchallenged by astride riding. Who knows. At any rate, after purchasing an inexpensive western side saddle and riding it (or attempting to) and discovering that it did not and would not ever fit my horse, it was sold and the search began for a new one. I have finally cornered my quarry and am working at paying it off. It is an Elan, and while there are many who do not like them, there are just as many who do. It was in the budget and at least is a proper side saddle, not an astride on with a couple of horns tacked on.

In my unending search for all things side saddle, I have stumbled upon many a beautiful piece and many an elegant habit. Today, though, I found something so drool-worthy I felt I had to post it here. It is by one of my favorite custom western saddlers, Sky Horse Saddlery. Many of you may say, "But Tacky, you don't like silver encrusted stuff." That is not true, I do like tastefully done silver, as well as art pieces, which is what these are, art.

Get a load of THIS...

I don't normally go for western stuff, but dang. That is just gorgeous, as is this one...


  1. Oooooo, that is nice! I don't even ride Western but I would ride Western in that!

    Post pictures of your Elan when you get it!!

  2. Of course I will! I just pray it fits, I sent a wither tracing, keeping fingers and toes crossed. Now if only my danged federal tax return will come in!

  3. That is gorgeous! I'm not into sidesaddles, but that silvered-up one just went on my Win-The-Lottery Wishlist!

  4. I know wexactly what you are saying about "art pieces" While I will never, ever feel comfortable riding aside I can sure appreciate the beauty of a true master saddlers art. These are gorgeous! Here is one of my favorites....
    Not a type of saddle that I will ever actually ride in but I find it beautiful nontheless.