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Friday, January 23, 2009


Welcome. To start off, I will give you a bit of background. I have over 2 decades of experience with horses. Over the past years I have noticed a somewhat annoying trend in the horse world. The shift toward more and more poorly made, cheap, unsafe and overall TACKY tack. Now, horse equipment, like any fashion, changes over time. In the past, the changes have been relatively minor. A bit more silver here, a slightly rounder cantle there, and color variation from light to dark leather. That was all well and good. However, in recent years the "bling" factor has increased exponentially until the horse is nigh indiscernable under the blinding glare coming from the tack. It started in the Western circles and has, to my horror, progressed into the previously very austere English world. At first it was just a few rinestones on a browband here and there, then the colored anodized aluminium stirrups and spurs. I could deal with that, but now THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR!! I present for your horrified stares...a PINK English saddle!
Yes folks, it is a PINK and black English saddle. Not only that, it appears to be a cheaply made, low quality piece of junk from India. One of those that has painted, rather than dyed leather that feels like cardboard and holds up just about as well. Now, I know that some people like pink, (myself not included) but in my opinion color should be limited to accessories like saddle pads and protective legwear, or to the rider's clothing. Can you imagine attempting to use this in an actual hunter show?
Ok, so, what are your opinions? What have you seen that has left your eyes hurting and your sense of equestrian style traumatized?
I will also eventually address some of the equestrian equipment that is not tacky in a fashion sense, but rather unsafe or cruel.


  1. Enough Conchos?

    Nope--Not enough Conchos:

    Not only colors, but with animal stripes:

    The western version of pink:

    With cow hide:

    I've often been aghast at the fad of some of these saddles. I have to admit though that I kind of like the black seat w/cowhide saddle, but I still wouldn't buy a "fad" saddle.

  2. P.S. LOVE the idea of your blog!

  3. My EYES!! Please get me some eye bleach so that I may scrub that image from my eyes!

    I also HATE all the bling that some western folks are so in love with.

  4. How FUN!!! I would have had that pink saddle, but I couldn't find it in the size I I settled for the turquoise one that was on eBay at the same time.

    What kind of saddle do you get for $56??? One for giggles, that's about it. I LOVE the look of apprehension on the faces of my oh-so-proper English friends when I pull up to visit them....I just KNOW they are waiting to see what piece of outrageous tack I have brought along!!!

    Now, go find the purple print Abetta saddle....I have one of those and I love it. I even have the tights with purple unicorns on the butt to match.....LOL.....

  5. I used to stick to basic black but have added a nice medium brown custom western saddle. I still have mostly leather. But I do admit. I love fancy bridles with pretty bits. My 2 geldings have beaded, tooled and rhinestones on their bridles. Most just hang in the tack room looking pretty but they do get used for the occasional parade. But I do draw the line at a PINK saddle. :)

  6. Diane I would buy a pink and black saddle, or purple and black, maybe with sequins. How do I know this? Well, I'm one of those *oh-so-proper English friends* of hers. And I've seen the purple Albetta -- I'll even admit to allowing it on several of my horses -- I've even ridden in it. But my saddle is boring brown leather.

  7. I am western all the way and Diane I. has far more bling than I would use. I love the looks but for me and mine (aside for a little clear rhinestones on my breastcollar)I prefer not to draw attention to my horse or me. I live through DianeI's unique and wonderful styles. LOL!

  8. I am perfectly capable of presenting a proper turn out for either western or english. But I don't show, so I don't have to if I don't want to.....LOL....

    The world needs more bling!!!!

  9. Oh my, did that bring back memories. The Austrian dressage trainer Hans Moeller, coach of Mrs. Franklin Downtown (who rode in the Pan Am Games and the Tokyo Olympics) at Grand Prix Dressage, abhored the color pink in connection with horses. If you showed up wearing a pink sweater -- no lesson!! When a local lady hosted a dressage clinic (one of the first in Marin County California back in the '60s) she heard of his abhorrence and rushed home to change out the pink sheets in the guest bedroom! ROFLOL He must be rolling over in his grave at THAT little gem of a saddle. ROFLOLPIMP!!!

  10. That saddle is a disaster on so many levels!

  11. Well, I do like pink, and i mean alot! i have pink breeches, grooming items, polos, crops, helmet covers, saddle pads, show shirts, etc... but that is absolutely positively DISGUSTING!!!