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Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Got the Blues

Today, readers, I have the blues. I have found more tacky tack for your amazement. This time it is BLUE. To show you that I am not TOTALLY against colored tack (heck I even like some I have seen) I present a saddle, that assuming it is of decent quality, I would not turn my nose up at...

If I were into gaming, and I had a horse that looked good in blue, I would use this. It is not overdone. The blue accents are restricted to the seat, insides of the stirrups, and corners of the fenders. The accessories are also blue. This does not look bad.

Here is another example of a not-so-horrible one...

I admit that I could do without the solid blue stirrups, replace them with some matching natural leather ones and this would be a pretty nice looking rig.

This however..

Ugh, I think I may be ill. Not only can you tell that it is a cheaply made synthetic piece of junk, (now I am NOT badmouthing synthetic saddles, I own 2) but the color scheme is atrocious. The blue nylon accessories are not even the same shade of blue as the saddle. Oh, and dig that "buckstitching". If the saddle were black and blue or black and green, it would be tolerable. My horse would hide her prissy little head in shame if I put this monstrosity on her.


  1. HHhmmmm.....I agree with your choices, although....I would put corner plates on the stirrup fenders before I'd go with conchos, especially on a leather saddle. The fender can be trimmed to make the plates look custom.

    Both top saddles need some nice aluminum engraved stirrups (cutters, please, nice and narrow and elegant).

    The blue/green horror might look cute on a fat little pony.....but the accessories need to be black.

  2. It all depends on who the tack is for, a 7 year old on a round little pony not so bad. I am seeing a lot of sparkly on teenagers. Here is one I think is ok.
    comes with matching Prince Edward spurs.

  3. Ugh, that just brought back memories of working in this little feed store that sold used tack... we had a light coloured leather saddle in with about 50 million purple rhinestones, bright purple seat, and matching purple stirrups. The rhinestones and suede were even different shades of purple. Yuck, guve me my calibre close contact saddle any day.

  4. Ewww... that last one ugh. Did the world of saddlery just now discover the awful "ski jacket" color schemes of the 80s?

  5. Another craptacular blue number:

  6. Hate the first one. The second one is ok, but yeah, ditch the stirrups. THe third one however, OMFG anyone that designed this must be freaking color blind!!!!!!!!! It looks sooo horrible and to top it off...hearts on the headstall and breastcollar!
    I guess I could have seen the saddle *maybe* for a little boy, but the hearts, thats just wrong.