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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Very, very pink, and very scary. Nice curled jockeys there. Looks like something that came with a Barbie Horse.


  1. I have to say, i'm starting to get desensitized to awful saddles now. The other day a friend of mine mentioned a saddle she saw on craigslist who was rambling on and on about it. It was just another tacky camo saddle, nothing we havn't seen here dozens of times.

  2. And another Pepto Pink saddle made of really cheap material.
    I think I am getting desensitized to this stuff also. And *that* is a really horrifying thought.

  3. That is almost the "pinkest" one yet!

  4. I worked in a tack shop that sold Abetta and Wintec saddles. They came in these outrageous colors, but were well made. Honestly, they were our best sellers due to the fact that they were priced reasonable and folks in the area where we were located were cheap. The brighter the color or more outrageous the pattern, the more they wanted it! I'd avoid going into the saddle room if possible when the new shipment would come in because if you looked at them, it was like a couldn't look away. Personally, I'd NEVER purchase any saddle without sitting in it first and making sure it fits my horse. I try to talk friends out of buying off Craiglist or Ebay when it comes to saddles.

  5. I don't even think the majority of these craptastic, brightly colored saddles are Wintecs. I agree that I've seen a few and they're made pretty well but never sat in one. These junky things just look like they'd fall apart after a short time of use.

    And Google and Craigslist can be your friend. If you're getting a super deal on a quality used saddle, then Ebay is the best. And on Craigslist you can search for sales near you so maybe you can try it on your horse before deciding to buy.

    Either way...I hate pink.