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Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back! Bling Overload

This looks alarmingly like it has been made out of a hideous rhinestone belt. That buckle is in a bad place too, the horse won't be able to move that ear back without hitting it. Major tacky tack here, and check out the background for the photo. Hint: If you are making a product to sell, try to take photos of it against a neutral background, not your muddy paddocks in front of an old falling-down barn.

Sorry for the long time no post thing! Been busy with other stuff.


  1. That horse is totally saying O RLY???

    UGH. It's like someone went to New Jersey, bought some belts, then took 'em back to Idaho to make a bridle...

  2. I've seen a website with those and all I could think of was how big it looked on a horse's head.

    I've also seen breastcollars made out of belts and the belt buckle was like a huge concho in the middle.

  3. yep thats exactly what it looks like. it's becoming a new fad, buying $100 belts and making them into breast collars and headstalls.

    personally i like them, i've seen some really cool ones. But I'm a tacky barrel racer who has pink blingy tack haha

  4. xsecertsx.... as someone who counted Madonna and Cyndi Lauper as fashion muses in 1986, and who dressed like an unholy combination of the vampire Lestat, Eddie Vedder, and the St. Pauli girl all through the early to mid 1990s, I think I've developed a pretty good TackyMeter....

    That is to say, there's GOOD tacky, which usually has a Badass component, and then there's BAD tacky, which usually involves a) CHEAP CRAP that will fall apart; b) impractical design; and c) unflattering, improper fit.

    This bridle fits all 3 criteria, and look how low the bit is riding in the horse's mouth!

    Also....If you're gonna do a blingtastic headstall, you'd better dress it up with a matching curb strap and a pretty-shanked bit.

  5. If it was like half as wide, with, like cattypex said, a nice bit and curb, I'd actually like it... with a nice light oil saddle and a baby-blue pad, it would look super cute... this horse looks like blue is a good color. But it's so.... huge.... I would cut it in half and use half the rhinestones... I even think the belt buckle style is cute... just.. smaller, please and perhaps without the rhinestones on the buckle. I just wonder what happens when the stones all fall out, and they always do when they are stuck on metal like that!

  6. Cattypex - I have a feeling you just insulted me -.- though I don't really care.
    I was juding the headstall as everyone should be, as my personally perferance is that I hate tom thumb bits and think they are the worst bit anyone could ever use.

  7. Noooo I did NOT insult you - actually I was on the same page with you concerning the "badass" component of "good tacky," because "badass" is a compliment. ;-)

    I've kind of come to terms with the shiny stuff, when it's done right. Of course, in the hunt seat/dressage world, I'm still a big fan of "less is more."

    Yeah, not only is it a Tom Thumb, but it's not sitting right.... ugh.....

  8. Cattypex -lol ok =) yes I understand the good tacky, unfortunatly it costs quite a bit of money. More than most wil spend. Though that money pays for it's self, I spent more than most of the cheap saddles posted here on a breast collar and headstall that have rhinestones in them,....but I can get them replaced for free if they fallout by the sellar.