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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Whoever made this has to have been completely colorblind. What a hideous combination. It looks like blaze orange and taupe with black. I THINK it's supposed to be brown synthetic stuff and tan "leather", but maybe I am mistaken. All in all, a total FAIL.


  1. Ok, that exact orange is my horse's color... But the brown is awful. I actually would never want a saddle in anything other than a natural color.

  2. Someone will like it just fine. But not me.

  3. Oh my, nice cardboard back cinch! These colors are horrible!! :P

  4. Don't forget the blue stirrups...

  5. Almost made it to 'not bad for synthetic' from me. Almost.

    If people want leather though- don't you think they will pay the price and buy Leather? Seriously. What are they thinking?

    I don't understand putting the time and money into making something that is not much more than crap. IMO- this thing is definately a piece of crap.

  6. It looks like some kind of official Forest Service issue thing. You know, so rangers & their horses won't get shot.

    Against that busy blanket, it's headache-inducing!

  7. I was doing okay with this, thinking catty was probably right: some official, cheap, bureaucratic saddle (um, if there IS such a thing), until Donk mentioned the blue stirrups.