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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oil Lamps? Boats? What the heck?

Besides being just plain ugly, I cannot for the life of me figure out that the little cutouts are supposed to be. Combine that with the baby-poo greenish yellow and black color scheme, and it is altogether a most unappealing picture. It looks great with the red English style saddle pad too.


  1. Oh man, that one is a winner! If you turn your head sideways, they could be eyeless Pacmans eating slugs LOL. :o)

  2. Welcome back!

    That thing looks like it's made of cheap vinyl. Baby-poo greenish yellow plus fire-engine scarlet is one classy color combination. My favorite; it's the new haute couture of tack.


  3. Abstract Art? I am not sure that is even actually a color.
    Cheap piece of junk.

  4. Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of Rum! Somebody must have been drunk when they put that one together...

    Baby poo colored leather- I bet that's so when they take those wonderous photo op's with the nekkid toddler, if the kid sh!ts on the saddle nobody will know.

  5. Lemon wedges that have juice squirting up out of them? Regardless of what they are supposed to be.........they are HIDEOUS. Whoever paired the baby poo with red was obviously color blind

  6. I think they're supposed to be essential oil burners. Or...I don't know.

    I just traumatized a friend by suggesting she buy one for her black mare. Black goes with...everything. But not that!

  7. I have a black pony and my his faveorite saddle pad is bright red! but it looks good with his black color and my black english saddle. Whoever took this pic needs to learn the difference between english and western. and the person who made this saddle needs to stop making saddles!!!

  8. If I rub my butt on the seat often enough, what kind of evil fleet of sallow genies will appear to grant my wishes???

    No, wait. I don't wanna know.