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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Back

Long time, no post. But fear not! I am still kicking. I have just been very preoccupied with stuff lately. I have spent a lot of time doing SCA activities with my horses, showing, and just generally riding. Here are some recent pics of the SRF and I last weekend at Gleann Abhann Fall Crown List. We did an Equestrian demo for the populace and explained some of the ins and outs of what we do.

And here is some TACKY for you!

Look, it even has their phone number so you can order one just like it!!


  1. Zebra. Overload. Ahhhhhhh!

    And welcome back. We were starting to get worried. lol

  2. I second what Danielle said. Glad you're back and glad to have my tacky tack fix!

  3. The SCA here was very disappointing and we don't have an equine portion to it either. They actually wanted me to start up the equine part but now that the ex and I are done I'm staying away from the SCA as he'll probably jump fully on board with it now.

    Through my equine connections however, I did meet some actual jousters! I had the opportunity to do some practice medieval gaming with real weapons and it was freakin' awesome, turns out my barrel horse LOVED it too! He's a standardbred and looks very baroque when he actually has a mane. He really seemed to enjoy the "spear the heart" game. evil pony likes killing.

    So although the SCA here doesn't work for me, I met so many jousters (many from Italy!!!) and it will definitely be something I'll get into when ya know... I'm less...pregnant. LOL

    PS keep up with the tacky. You give me many things to want to shop for.

  4. banagade -

    Where are you located? The SCA is not for everyone, but the Equestrian portion of it is a blast to participate in. It's a shame you did not have a good experience, it all depends on the dynamic of the local group.