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Monday, November 28, 2011

Unsafe and Unridable Abomination

Click the pic to go to Lelia's sidesaddle blog where she has a truly Tacky side saddle (I use this term loosely) posted with commentary. It is a prime example of what NOT to buy. Craptackistani make, completely WRONG, unridable, uncomfortable, and unsafe. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a side saddle from Craptackistan folks. EVER. With the exception of the Elan sold by Hundred Oaks, which is a good saddle, they are all CRAP.


  1. Could not believe it when I saw it... but you know what..? 3+ years ago when I first got interested in riding aside, I may not have known that it was trash either!

  2. I can tell it's trash because it doesn't even have a proper side saddle tree. It has a barely modified astride tree. I don't know much about side saddles, but I do know the cantle of a side saddle is supposed to be FLAT.

    And what's with the upside-down hearts on the 'knee roll'?

  3. I hate people... You know, this blog could easily make one xenophobic. Or at least Craptackistan-phobic.

  4. Obviously, the hearts are upside-down on the 'knee roll' so that they look rightside-up when you're sitting on this thing! DUH!!

    At least whoever made this can cut straight lines....