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Monday, December 5, 2011

It hurts the eyes...

...and kind of gives me a headache. If they had stuck with purple and black or purple and tan it might not be so painful. Maybe. It almost looks like the bottom skirt is synthetic, but I can't tell.


  1. I kinda like the purple used as accent on black. But all those different colors remind of a patchwork quilt or a car with a bunch of different body parts.

  2. I really like the shade of purple, just not that much in those parts on that saddle. And the black and tan? Only dogs should be black and tan.

    Other than that, it's GREAT!
    Well, the skirt does look funny and synthetic and cheap...

  3. Oh GAWD. I hate ostrich, I hate fake ostrich.
    Purple ostrich? Even worse.

    Remember when ostrich was the Meat Of The Future? What happened to all the ostriches when that little dream blew up?


    Poor things became ugly saddles and boots.

    That's a super duper cheap looking saddle, too.

  4. Black & tan together isn't all bad, but it definitely is in this saddle. My Timblerline flex panel is chestnut with a black overlay on the pommel, black smooth leather seat, and black latigos & trail strings. It looks very sharp.