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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's that time of year again...

...Yep, it's huntin' season again! Time for the barrage of camo saddles to begin. Though this one looks like it was done with markers by a five year old Craptackistani child. At least the seat and swells are black, you know, so you don't lose it in the woods. Though I personally think it should have blaze orange accents myself. That would just make it the awesome, am I right?


  1. My eldest daughter (now 22) loves her camo breast collar, bridle and saddle pad set. She kept my blaze orange set (I got it to trailride in the woods nearby our house in Virginia where hunters often frequented...) to switch between them. She doesn't like the colored synthetic or leather saddles though and sticks to her old Circle Y barrel saddle. I worked at a tack shop in South Carolina that sold the camo saddles (in various colors too....UGH!) and we couldn't keep them in the store for more than a week before they were sold. VERY popular in the South....

  2. Do you know what? My ten year old son would love that!!!

  3. Really, I would LOVE to ride a brown hoofed mammal during the fall in a total camo ensemble.

    Oh, wait. Not really.