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Monday, February 6, 2012

This shit ought to be illegal...

Found this website linked from FHOTD, they show a couple of pics of the bits on the blog, but I thought I would post some of them here too. These are some real pieces of work here.

The website raves about how wonderful these things are for starting horses. Starting what? Ruining them? The links on the chain mouth ones have the links welded together in three sections. Are you kidding? This would lacerate the bars of the mouth and the tongue if used too roughly, oh and lets add a gag action and a curb chain too, just to make it a bit better. And ooh! What if we made GAG bridles with them? Then we could tear up their lips too!


  1. I don't understand the point of these bits? Are they SUPPOSED to be for excellent horsemen with such an independent seat that they don't even need a saddle or a bridle, who ride totally off the leg and have such soft hands and soft mouthed horses that they barely have to touch the reins but need such precision for whatever they do?
    Unfortunately, I don't know many riders like that so I guess the ham fisted hoards use them to "get their horses to do what they want".

    1. They are supposedly used to "train your horse to give to the bit". Um, yeah, but a plain snaffle can do that too.

      Mostly I think they are a "Get that danged horse to WHOA" type of gimmick. I can't imagine using them even on a VERY finished horse or by an excellent horseman as you described, why would you need to if the horse/rider was that good?

  2. That is why I was wondering what the heck was the point of these bits as the only people who would be capable of using these bits without cruelty, wouldn't need to use them at all!

    I'm not even the half the horseman that I've described above and even my TB can be ridden in a gallop with my thick mouth KK loose ring bit.

    Those bits are crazy :(

  3. There are no words to describe people who dream up these instruments of torture, nor those who use them. Those poor horses!

  4. What I find more intriguing and probably more disgusting and saddening is the verbage written to sell, Sell, SELL! these types of things.

    "Good for the seasons show horse", good for starting your young horse, teaching horses to give, etc., yadda, blah.

    As Sidesaddlegirl said, if the horse or rider were that good, well trained, knows what they are doing and so on- they probably wouldn't need or use something like this. I say probably because there is always the flukes to be found.

  5. These nasty bits are simply an excuse for poor horsemanship. That's all.

  6. From what I see, many trainers in ALL disciplines are focused on getting horses to drop their heads, go behind the vertical which puts them behind the bit, and stay there.
    This takes away the horses forward vision and trained with bits like this makes them submissive enough for idiots who don't want to learn to ride to be able steer them around the show ring.
    It is a growing trend and the number of people who are happy with their 'trained' horse that has to be ridden daily by a pro is growing. Makes me sick.

  7. Don't see much use for this type of bit. I'm not even a fan of using a single joint bit (snaffle mouthpiece) just because of the action of it.

    Although people like to say my horses aren't well trained because I don't focus on their heads much. Riding is done off seat and leg, addressing the reins is a last resort for my daily rides.