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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I know it has been forever since I had a new post. Unfortunately, believe it or not, I am running out of material!! The Craptackastani saddle makers have not been producing much that is new these days. I have run across a few things, but usually more of the same ol' same ol'. So, all you window shoppers out there, keep your eyes peeled for stuff like this...

This left me speechless. Really. Fake Snake patterning, what looks like rubber material, funky pattern on the knee roll area, FLORAL stirrups in pastel colors, RED piping and panels. Oh, and a blingy browband bridle made of quality cardboard leather along with a fairly decent looking girth and some half chaps. Interesting, yeah, interesting. That's a polite way to say it.

I just keep staring at it. Now I know how the SRF feels when she sees something scary looking..."Is it going to eat me?"


  1. You just don't understand Art, do you. This is not horse tack, it is a work of Art. Surely it is...

  2. I don't get who would use that saddle.

    I don't get who would use those stirrups.

    The only possible explanation for using them, they aren't color blind. The patterns don't match either!

  3. Those stirrups are pretty.

    Would be really cute using on some light colored pony wearing a pink or lilac bridle and same color polo wraps and saddle pad.