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Friday, July 6, 2012


Does that not sound like the perfect name for this thing? Mikmar's new invention looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The mouthpiece, though substantial and somewhat overkill, does not appear THAT severe, but dang, if that sucker goes in the horse's mouth like I think it does, can we say jawbreaker? 

Here is a copy of their description...

A "BEST SELLER" for Barrels and Gymkhana. The Mikmar Short Shank Gagavator is a quicker activating bit that allows the rider a quick pick up and release ride. It is excellent for lifting the shoulders and lightening. Works well for developing bend and flexibility. It encourages flexion, collection and good control. It discourages the horse from leaning and pulling, with excellent rate or half halt. A nice tool for helping the horse transfer weight to the hind quarters, and getting underneath himself for better turns. The Sweet Iron mouthpiece pacifies a busy -mouthed horse and keeps the mouth moist and soft.

The Short Shank Gagavator offers more poll pressure and stop than the Two and Three Ring styles. Works well for all level horses. We recommend using a leather curb strap for bit stability.

Oh wait, I just noticed they sell a LONG shanked one too... 

The Mikmar Long Shank Gagavator offers stronger Poll pressure and more control for those needing it. Works well for stronger level horses. We recommend using a leather curb strap for bit stability.

Yikes. Forget teaching your horse to stop, or carry themselves, or collect. Just slap one of these on and problem solved!!  Click to see a video of how they fit/work. And yep, they do go on like I thought. Add curb strap and holy cow. 


  1. ICK. I can see that thing pinching like crazy too. Awful.

  2. Sadly it was only a matter of time before someone thought to combine the two. -.-

  3. point forward?

  4. Well, the shanks on the short shank one may be short, but look at the length of the purchase (part above the bit)--way too long.
    Why train your horse when you can slap a horrible bit in his mouth!

  5. Sooo looking at the bit- the mouthpiece is basically a French link and not all that concerning except for the open pieces in the 'links'.

    I had to go look at the video to see how it goes on and wondered- What the Holy Hell? It may work like they say it 'should' but Mikmar has no control over who uses it or HOW the bit is used once it sells. And if someone has the worst hands imaginable and cranks it so had the mouthpiece goes all the way around and gets stuck- then what? Who is liable for that wreck and the following lawsuit? Talk about a lawyers wet dream!

    Why is it Mikmar always comes up with this crap? Does anyone there know how to control a horse without all the mental and collateral damage- it appears not.

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