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Friday, August 5, 2011

Someone actually USED this...

...and I feel sorry for their poor horse. How embarrassing. Not only does it have the unnecessary addition of a horn (on an Aussie, really? You need a HORN on an Aussie?) but also the misfortune of being painted a hideous shade of Pepto pink. It was sold USED on ebay, yes, someone else bought it, again. I am sure it is of Craptackistani make, as the "tooling" seems to be of the kind, and along with the painted pink leather, just screams quality.


  1. Not keen on the pink colour, and the stirrups look horrible! But.... loads of Aussie saddles have horns - you have to remember that down under they're used as a western saddle would be, including stock work so horns are well used. Many saddles have detachable horns too.

  2. That's... ugh. Can't find words. But Four Corners is right on the money - a lot of Aussie saddles do come with a horn. Makes them more practical for cattle work, especially if you actually want to tie onto something (not that I'd want to trust the solidity of that one!).

  3. Yep, the Aussie saddles come either with or without a horn on them for the drovers working the herds down under.

    But this one? Used? I just don't know what to say. So many things come to mind but all I keep getting is ICK! And for it being pepto-dismal pink which is supposed to soothe your stomach? This saddle just makes we want to hurl.

  4. Of the five Australian stock saddles (I'm an Aussie BTW) in the tack room at work three of them have horns. Two are older Sid Hills (very well regarded brand) and one is a home made/bitza saddle on a Sid Hill tree.

    They are not permitted in Camp drafting (part cutting and part barrel racing; once a beast has been cut in the camp it's then driven around a clover pattern) but common elsewhere.

    The colour and shape of that one makes me want to spew however.

  5. I am considering getting an Aussie saddle and I want a horn. Gives me a place to hang my pommel bag on long rides.
    I think the pink saddle folks are winning. Anymore, I don't really react to pink saddles. They have worn me down.