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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally found a use for this saddle...

I may possibly have found the only real use for this particular saddle...

maybe if you put it on this guy, he might feel almost level...

See, there is a practical side to everything! LOL


  1. That is a seriously down-hill horse!

  2. He looks like the Titanic about to sink. lol!

    Crazy saddle!

    What's all that thick padding for in the front of the pommel?


  3. Wow, he'd just have to do a canter/walk transition and you'd be launched right over his head.

  4. Looks like some of those badly made saddles for Breyers that I always saw being used at live shows when I was judging.

  5. I know a lot of older saddles look like that..but not to THAT extreme. The horse would pick up to a lope and you'd wind up on his butt!

  6. That saddle caused my face do do one of these:
    WTF. seriously. How on earth could that be comfortable. The incredibly far forward stirrups would put you right into a rigid chair seat, too!

  7. Is this designed for gaited horses?

    Because about every trail rider I see who's only ever ridden gaited horses & never had lessons sits EXACTLY how this saddle would make you sit.

  8. I've ridden in an older, very well-made saddle that looked almost like this, with the front of the seat nearly at the base of the horn. It looked terribly odd too me, but when I got on and rode the friend's gelding (who was Halter bred QH, with a club foot no-less) around for a few minutes in it, wow! What an unexpectedly comfortable ride! So I won't turn up my nose at a saddle shaped like this just because it looks so strange. BUT! That one looks so cheap and badly-made, I wouldn't want to let it anywhere near a horse. Maybe it's make a good bar stool or something crafty like that! =P