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Monday, August 31, 2009

Flower Power

Cheap, piece of junk, fugly, cardboard leather saddles from India. Now in FLORAL TOOLING.

Groovy huh?


  1. WHAT is on the horn of the first one? A flower?

    When I was new to horses, we purchased a mexican made saddle that wouldn't fit ANY horse, even our narrow 1/2 arab it was so narrow in the withers.

    I wonder if these have the same problem? Either way, they are gaudy!

  2. Another great belly laugh for today!! Thanx!!
    What is that on the horn of the first one?

  3. On the horn it looks like a piece of fleece held on with rubber band like I've seen in tack stores. It's to protect the horn (and whatever its up against) during shipping.... You know, can't have scratched cardboard, now can we?

  4. This is probably a stupid question, but it's one that has been floating around in my head for awhile,and it's more rhetorical than anything else.

    The people who sell these saddles here in the U.S. and Canada - do they ever actually RIDE in these crappy cardboard saddles?

    I mean, they must be like snake oil salesman, right? They put up listings on ebay and craigslist, and most of them can manage to post pics and spell (for the most part). A lot of them use the manufacturer's ad copy, but a good portion of them sing the praises of these "quality" (rolls eyes), "economical" saddles. They're not riding in these things. They convince the cheap, the tasteless and the gullible to buy their products so that they can afford the Circy Y's and County's in their tack rooms

  5. What is the saddle horn supposed to be, a flower? Looks

  6. Reminds me of those purses that have a little Western saddle for a top flap.... I SO wanted one... in 1983.

  7. Um, aside from the ew factor, which admittedly is large, are those saddles shot at weird angles or is the angle of the seat really the equivalent of Kilimanjaro?

  8. I ride only English, so forgive my ignorance here. Is the saddle really supposed to slant so far back? Is this the Indian-Western version of a 'deep seat'? Thank goodness the cantle is there so you don't slide of the back end!