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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Torture Device Tuesday

Wow, sometimes I wish (well, not really) there was a sport that had as many torturous bits as gaited breeds and speed event horses. I know they think I am singling them out, but really, I keep looking for bad bits and this is what Google spits up. I pick on the TWH show world just as much, and that's MY breed. I found yet another supplier of torture devices for your gaming horse. Here is the page that shows this bit with the available mouthpieces. You can get all of the ones on this page with a variety of painful options including "mule/saw mouth". Wow, overkill much? Also, would someone please explain how exactly this contraption is supposed to function to do anything but annoy the hell out of (and not to mention very possibly HURT) your horse?

Look! You can get it with a BARE bicycle chain noseband too!

Here are a few of the others they offer...

Another one with a bike chain nose and nice long shanks too, along with a skinny mouthpiece.

And all I can say is, "What the hell?!?"

Says it's a "plate bit" for a "mature horse". Mmmmkay.


  1. To all those who think they NEED these types of bits to ride thier horse and be "competitive" - You need to find another hobby. I've seen people who claim to luuuuv their horses use these torture devices.

  2. Wow... That's all i can say is just WOW I really can't believe the stuff people come up with

  3. What the effing blankie blank is that last one?! I can't even begin to imagine what the purpose of that is.
    I've noticed in photos of barrel racers in various places, that the thing is for bits that have a long piece from the bit to the headstall (I can't recall the correct name) and have the curb chain hanging from where the bit joins the headstall. This puts the curb chain, not in the chin groove, but way up the horse's jaw. That placement has got to increase the leverage and the pain.
    Ohhhh- but they "Love" their horsies.

  4. there called draw bits. most of the ones i see at barrel shows are actually quite gentle. none of the ones I have seen have a nose band attached. Everyone I know that uses one has a non pinching one and the mouth piece is smooth, plus they traded in the wire draw bit head stall that comes with the bit for a nylon headstall. plus i've never seen one with a curb. So as a NBHA barrel racer I will say I've never seen a draw bit like that.

  5. The last one looks like something from the movie "Saw"

  6. Yikes! I had a horse that was ridden in something a lot like the third pitcure, only the snaffle was twisted wire. I found him in Oklahoma at an auction full of kill buyers (this was in 1999, before slaughter was made illegal in the US). He was a roping horse and had cuts on the corners of his mouth and over his tounge.

    The harshest bit I used on him was a full cheek snaffle for dressage. We were never truly successful at dressage, although he kicked butt in barrels, because he would get stiff and hollow if asked to come on the bit. I had no problem developing impulsion, but we hit a roadblock when I would ask him to soften. I have a feeling the damage caused by his previous owners scarred him for life.

  7. I can't even wrap my mind around this stuff.

  8. Yeah. It beats me why someone that wants their horse to go fast would put one of those torture devices on a horse. If you train them right, all the stopping power you need is to shift your weight back, and just tighten the reins a tiny bit.

    But, hey, these are the same fools that ride their horses at 2 1/2, and retire them lame at 5. (And consider a horse "old" at 12.) Why take the time to train them properly, when you're so d*mned impatient?

    disgusted, Ruthie

  9. I wish these people would learn to train their horses to stop properly instead of buying these horrendous bits.

    But hey, I ride my 16-year-old mare in a bosal, what do I know?

  10. These bits are not bad, atleast the draw ones if it had a rope noseband.
    We use a draw bit with a noseband on a horse i used to barrel race.

    I think its sad half of you probably never get out to really show or take the time to see that it is OKAY to ride a horse at 2 1/2. Your the people who complain online but come to show day at a funshow with a synthetic saddle, eggbutt snaffles and crappy horses

  11. To xmarisaxo2, as a rider who competes on the A circuit up here in Canada regularly, and rides at a show barn where the cheapest sales horse is $20,000... Not only do we all have correct, quality equipment... but we also choose to start our horses when they have matured, and none of them require an extreme bit for a "woah". These bits are unnecessary, are cruel, but it's people who are too lazy and uneducated to put in the proper time it takes to train a horse correctly that resort to using such disgusting quick fixes. Maybe if you spent less time critiquing everyone else's equipment, and more time actually working with your horse, you might not have to rip their mouth off to get them to stop after a run. Just sayin.