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Monday, August 17, 2009


Today we have a lovely saddle sent to me by an intrepid reader. They actually sent several, but I am going to show them one at a time and thus prolong the torture!

Today's edition is a screaming taxicab yellow. It seems to be embossed with some sort of floral pattern and something about it just screams "junk" to me. Perhaps it is the leather or perhaps the construction. At any rate, it is just horrendous.


  1. That's about the color of my truck......LOL....

    It would be hard to match that to the right color horse, I think. And it needs more silver.

  2. I have a friend who loves yellow... she'd be all over this if it was a quality saddle. Sadly, like many of the brightly colored saddles on the market, this is not. ;)

  3. Maybe yellow will become the new pink? Makes me think of bananas.

  4. MY EYES, MY EYES! Can't wait to see the other two though!

  5. Truly, UGH! I wonder - are they marketing to Mizzou fans?

  6. Looks like baby poop on my screen....

    Heck, I don't even like the superlight leather so popular in AQHA circles right now.

    Pink, red, aqua or purple I can totally see on a little kid's pony saddle. But this... is..... WRONG.

    When someone makes a saddle like this, God kills a kitten. :-P

  7. Welllll, you'd be visible from a distance! Just WHAT color horse would that look good on exactly?

  8. Maybe this was a promo for the TV show 'Taxi'.
    The only horse I can think it would be bearable on is black or gray.

    Or red roan! Ketchup and mustard! xD