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Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Thought Better of Abetta...

...until now.

Found these while perusing the internet. I thought the point of a synthetic was so that you DIDN'T have leather to clean or worry about, but apparently I was wrong.

Wow, we have fake GATOR print now.

OSTRICH PRINT!!! And it comes in LOTS of hideous colors too.

Ummm, why?

GHETTO-FLAUGE! Yikes, my eyes hurt.

Regular camo for the woodsy set.

Last but not least, leopard print. Sadly the least offensive of the lot (I admit a certain fondness for leopard print, much to hubby's dismay), I might would use this for a trail saddle.


  1. I actually like the black/tan one! The others-no thanks! Must be a sign that these saddles are selling ib Abetta got into the action.

  2. I like the black and tan w/ basket weave and I to have a certain fondness for leopard. But I don't think I will be buying either.

  3. I've never had any interest in any Abetta products, but I have seen the second one (pink ostrich print) at a local everything livestock related type store. Looked to me like it was plastic. So no worries, there's still zero care involved.

  4. I have never been tempted by anything Abetta sells either. Give me good, old fashioned leather every time.

  5. I own an Abetta endurance saddle and I do like it. What I like is that you can hose it off to clean it, it weighs 12 (or was it 14) pounds and fits most any horse. The seat is made of rubber (feels like a wetsuit) and is very cushy.

  6. Not a fan of synthetics no matter whose name is on it.

    The black & tan isn't so bad, but I'm not buying one.

  7. Out of all of them, the third saddle is the best.
    This saddle is not as offensive

    Is it just me, or are the fenders on these Abetta saddled set really far forward? It seems like it would pitch the rider's leg forward.

  8. The abetta;s ive been seeing and tried out the fencers were set really far back. Wich is why I didnt get one.

  9. I apparently cant spell or type.

  10. I have seen this side of Abetta for many years at the dealer expos. The first one I remember was like 15 years ago and was black with lots of silver mylar trim. It had a matching pad, breast collar, bridle and girth. It was terrible. They also were the first ones that I remember introducing the red, white & blue saddles, also nasty. I think they were also the ones that introduced the camo synthetics about 10 years ago. So it is nothing new.

    Oh and Big Horn had them too. All the nasty colors, prints and mylar showed up on their synthetics at least 10 years ago in the dealer catalogues.

    Thanks for the great laugh this morning!
    I love your opinions on tack and for the most part I agree. Do you suppose the stirrups on your prior post are for a trick rider? LOL!! Maybe someone who wants to see where they've been first! LOL!!! I'm making myself crack-up! (That's a bad sign).
    My Daughter in law would love the pink camo saddle- sad to say! I actually have a black synthetic and I like it becasue it's very light. I had a 16hh horse that I could barely throw my old roping saddle up onto. It's actually very comfortable too.
    I would def draw the line at ghetto-camo!!!!
    Do you remember when they first cam out with synthetic bridles in all those bright colors? I have to admit that at age 16 I bought a bright orange one for my sorrel gelding. (I'm so ashamed).
    Thanks for your great blog!

  12. I love the Barbie-flage one. In case you want to blend in on Rodeo Drive?:)

  13. I like the Camo, but I am an Army brat, so that could be why :P

    I really enjoy synthetic saddles, but since I've bought my treeless I've left them behind.