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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Egads, why? Another one? What the hell is the obsession with the angora accents? If you took off the white pubes this would be a NICE saddle. As is, there is no way I would ever ride in it.


  1. "PUBES"........HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Totally agree, if you took off ALL the white hair, this would be an excellent saddle. Can't imagine what the white fur on the seat will look like after a couple years? Balled up, matted, dirty, nasty pubes!

  2. I really like the square shapes on this saddle......very vintage looking.

    But that hairy trim......bbrrrrrrrr.....

    Somewhere, there's a naked goatie running around. If this saddle gets wet, does it SMELL like a wet goatie????

    Not a pleasant thought.....LOL

  3. OMG this thing has $2460 price tag... gag.

    Holy crap there are some other tacky crap in their tack store.

  4. Hack! Ack! Cough! Ack! Aaack! That was my cat hacking of a hairball. I find this saddle just as attractive.

  5. Oh, that is so not the saddle for me! I'm allergic to mohair, if that's what it is. Sit on it? That's one place I do not want contact dermatitis, thankyouverymuch!

    If it's truly angora (which comes from a rabbit), it will wear off very quickly, and every time you ride, you'll be covered in it. (It's very fine, and breaks easily. (And, of course, floating fine fibers make me sneeze.)

    Not only that, but how in Barry's Baggy Boxers do you clean it?

    Flinching, Ruthie

  6. I still can't understand the concept of decorating the seat? Your behind is going to cover it up and now, when you remove your behind it can be covered up......with WHITE HAIR!!! OMG!! And AGAIN....NO FRINGE???? Awww, darn! If it had fringe, I might part with $2500 but without that fringe somewhere way!!! ROFLMAO!!! Who designs this craptacular tac?

  7. OMG!!!LMAO!!! I just submitted my comment, scrolled back up and saw it's named the Full Sunflower.... is that because that's what you butt will look like when you dismount from this unshaved thing??? Oh maybe it's just a 5'o'clock shadow??? I crack me up!! Thanx for the hardy belly laugh!! Gives a new meaning to the phrase.....Full Sunflower my ass!

  8. Oh gawd..It is a pretty nice looking saddle except for the...Uhhh...White pubes.

    This must be a joke. I bet it isn't but still...Who in the heck would buy THIS..?

  9. Could you body clip it, maybe?