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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's your peeve?

Ok, so we all know that my peeves are as follows:

Stupid people.

Overly harsh bits.

Using hardware to solve software issues.

The combination of the aforementioned people, equipment, and practice.

Big lick Walking Horses.

Obnoxious tack.

Anything sparkly.

What are yours and why?

And to keep you from going into Tack withdrawal here is some. I think the expression on the guy in the gray hoodie's face says it all...
Aaaaaarrrrrrrrr mateys! Be sendin' me some more fodder you scurvy dogs!!


  1. Barbossa would be proud to ride in that saddle, LOL. Me? Maybe not so much. It wouldn't be *quite* as bad if they lost one of the skulls on each side and all the sparklies.

    One of my biggest petty peeves is pink tack on a gelding or stallion. I don't know why, but ugh. Poor boys :(

    People paying $40 for a rope halter and $20 for a lead rope because they are the brand of a prominent horse trainer. Dad bought one of these and I swear I could get the same thing at Tractor supply for less than half the price.

    And I'm definitely with you on Big Lick.

  2. Do they have this saddle mixed up with saddle bags for their Harley???

    My pet peeves:

    People who think they should breed horses just because they have a mare with a uterus. My favorite is "if you breed the mare, it will calm her down".......yeah, for 11 months, then what are you going to do with the colt/filly AND the witchy mare you couldn't train?

    If you don't know something about horses, there is "google"! Learn to use it, it isn't that difficult.

    People who believe that if you just L-U-V your horses enough, they will stop biting, kicking, bucking or whatever else YOU have taught them to get away with. Applies to dogs too!

    Loud mouth horse people who think they know everything, until you see them handle and/or ride their horses and you realize the louder the bragging about their horse knowledge, the less they know.

    All training they gadgets, severe bits, stud chains, spurs used to jab the horse's sides for no reason what-so-ever (other than the rider doesn't know the proper technique). Unfortunately, any tack/equipment can be misused. I once knew a horse beat over the head with a 2X4 by a man. Needless to say, the horse didn't like men after that!

  3. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people trailer their horses that are tacked up. Is it that hard to leave fifteen minutes earlier and tack up when you get there?

  4. Twin Springs Stables....I have to admit, I just tried that recently to see how it worked, but won't be doing it again. My mare leaned on the divider and scuffed up my saddle and then, since I had extra time, I puttered around too long saddling and fussing around ending up almost late for the ride!

  5. I had no idea anyone made Goth Parade Saddles. Wow. Perfect with the all black outfit, chains, and piercings, and purple hair. Nice.

    My #1 pet peeve around horses: people who do not require their horse to have manners. Not only do they create a dangerous horse, they ensure the horse is less likely to find a good home should something happen to their owner.

    Severe bits, gadgets instead of solid work, and big lick are so automatically on my NO list I didn't go there. Those too!

  6. OK, if they were trying for BadAss with the skull and cross bones they totally missed the mark putting them on a floral stamped saddle. You just can’t do BadAss on floral print.

    My Pet Peeves:
    1. Training short cuts – there aren’t any, get over it. This includes pet peeves 2 and 3 below
    2. Use of unnatural aids to force your horse to move a certain way, reference: Big Lick TWH, Saddle Breds, Hackneys, Peanut Rollers doing the lame horse shuffle….etc.
    3. Inhumane bits: I cannot stand the use of any bit that contains the word twist be it twisted wire (especially bad) or slow twist or any bit with the word “correction” in front of it. I have never, ever, not once in my life put any bit in any horses’ mouth that was not a smooth snaffle mouth piece of at least 7/16” if not bigger. If you just can’t ride your horse except in a twisted wire draw gag with a wire tie down then you need to find another hobby.
    4. People who get drunk and ride their horses, this one makes me want to do violence.
    5. People on the trail the come galloping up behind and run up my horses’ tail pipe.

  7. Honestly, my biggest pet peeve is people who face forward and walk in big circles while lunging their horses. I'm not a NH believer but I was taught to plant your feet and face your core towards the rear half of the horse unless you want it to stop. Watching people lunge while walking drives me nuts.

  8. People without any form of rail manners!
    People who think that you have to have the most expensive trailers, tack, horses, etc. to place in a show, and unless you have that, you might as well be some redneck with an inbred farm pony.
    Lots of silver on a saddle
    Lots of ostrich skin (I'll admit, I don't mind it if it's on the seat)
    People who think that they know it all, and anything that goes against what they know, is automatically wrong or even cruel.
    People who haul back on their horses poor mouths.
    Peanut Rollers! Geeze, they drive me insane! Especially the people that teach their horse to do that and then insist that it's "natural"!
    Parents that let their kids run wild around horses. Or worse yet, they see a pretty horse and want you to let their kids sit on it, so they can take pictures! I had a lady *insist* that I let her kid sit on my gelding once at a show, so she could take a picture, and no matter how many times I explained the terms "green broke" and "not kid safe" to her, she continued to insist "Oh, just for a minute! Your horse is so pretty, and my boy has always wanted to ride a horse! etc. etc."

  9. Sora - I had to laugh when you explained the lunge thing. I think I may be a pet peeve of yours. I start off standing in one place, but then I get so into it, I start shuffling around in circles as my horse lunges around me. I use a line always though and never a round pen (we don't have one).

  10. Peeves:

    1. Riding yearlings. Heck, riding two year olds. Why can't people let their horses grow up?
    2. Head sets. ANY kind of head set...I'm including in this peanut roller, rollkur, etc. A good frame starts at the back of the horse. There is no point in a nicely positioned head and neck on a horse that's on the forehand.
    3. Docked tails. There are more humane ways to keep your driving horse's tail being caught in the traces...and you don't even have to braid.
    4. People who let their children ride without helmets. Make your own decisions as an adult, yes. But you don't want to be looking at your eight year old on life support in a vegetative state, do you?
    5. People who judge a horse by its color.
    6. People who are prejudiced against mares. I love mares, darnit.
    7. People who's first reaction to any problem is to reach for a harsher bit.
    8. People who let their dogs chase horses. Or, worse, their kids.
    9. Parelli.

    Wow, that's a long list. And I could probably come up with more.

  11. My peeves are definately know-it-all horse owners - ugh, loud mouthed ones are even worse.

    I don't get the peanut pusher look, it's not really a pet peeve, but it's definitely funny looking to me. I also think the peanut pusher pleasure driving horses look SO funny. Like this:
    BUT I'm used to this, and some may think it's funny too:
    I guess it's all relative.

  12. People who think it is OK to let their horses head hang OUT the drop down window while being trailered. IDIOTS! Guess they will not figure out why that is such a bad idea until Ol Dobbin gets hit in the face by a rock, branch, or worse, a truck mirror.

    People who think that their trainer or gurus methods (be it training, tack, or care / hoof care) are the ONLY way for all horses.

    People who ask opinions and advice, and when you give it, always have an excuse why that will not work.

  13. What txtrigger said to a tee. And most of what all the others said. I would have to add lazy horse owners who do not properly groom after a ride and prior to putting a horse out in the field or paddock. Horses turned out with sweat marks from saddles and bridles that have seen two swipes of a brush irks me to no end.

  14. People who think that where they park a horse's nose means "good training." This includes peanut rollers, Arab over-arched neck people, rollkur, and all the riders who hang on their horses' mouths and call it "collection."

    Lazy people who never clean their tack, even for a show. Nooo, a quick swipe with a Leather New wipe doesn't count.

    Fake tails. Blocked tails. Tail sets. Docked tails.

    All the mean things people do in pursuit of the almighty blue ribbon.

    People who spend a jillion dollars on gadgets instead of taking the time to really get to know their horse.

    People who let the trainer do EVERYthing and then get pissy when stuff falls apart after the horse gets home.

    People who get power trips off of stuff like "behind-the-barn" schooling, overhorsing their kids or themselves, or cowboying all over the place while normal people are trying to work with their horses.

    People who believe that $$$$$$ = Better than Yours.

    Prejudice against mares.

    Big fat horses on teeny tiny feet.

    Do we sense a trend here?

  15. breed snobs and sterotypes - every breed has their purpose and if I could i would have all of them. and the sterotypes of, lazy QH, crazy arab, high strung TB ect.. my QH/paint mare is more high strung than my QH/TB (shes kinda lazy)

    disapline snobs - once again each disapline serves its purpose and each is looking for different things. I hate it when people think that anyone who doesn't ride thier style can't ride. I barrel race and I do hunter jumper, the right way for both.

    the misunderstandin of bits -people don't understand bits so they think that anything that looks complicated is "harsh". My mare would rather be in her hackamore or a gag bit than a snaffle, because i have to use my hands more and i find myself getting heavey hands with it. the other bits i hardley ever have contact with the bit.

    The people who think their way is the only way - their are many ways to acomplish the same thing, not every horse is the same and sometimes we have to choose another method. rather than keep trying one way and failing.

    i have many pet peeves as you see. this never came about either until i started being around such critical people.

  16. Most of my peeves have been covered:
    Know it alls, babied no-mannered horses, tail augmentation, headsets, etc.

    I also hate:
    Nasty nosebands--everything from the uber tight cranks to a french cav with studs on the inside--wth? You really can use a crank bridle and leave it a normal tightness, and the studs are beyond me.

  17. i must say stupid people are at the top. because of stupid people and the massive volume, there is crap like torture nosebands and bits, horrible riding, horrible horse-training, and the other irritating things in life.

  18. People who think a light going over with a soft brush followed by spraying with show-sheen is good grooming. If you're not covered with dust & hair when you're done, you're not doing it right! (Even if the horse is stalled & blanketed when not being ridden.)

    I've never understood the "bling" thing. I want my tack to show off my horse, not vice-versa.

    And ditto to everyone else!


  19. Oh Yeah---forgot about the discipline snobs! I would be interested in learning dressage, but the people I've met are majorly snobbish!

  20. ummm.... thats a Harris....and in the "if you have to ask, you can't aford it" price catagory, although Im not a big fan of the skulls...

  21. Parelli.

    People who think it's okay to throw a horse over a three foot jump after it's been jumping no more than a few months.

    Cleve Wells' type Western Pleasure "training". Though my mare was never "trained" by him, she was "trained" using similar methods (When my trainer went to go watch her, she was obviously dripping blood out of her mouth within fifteen minutes after being mounted) and it is has messed up her mind. And, as a follow up - after we got her, she has turned into a very succesful low-grade hunter. We still compete in Western Pleasure at schooling shows on occassion, but, when we school, there is no ripping at the mouth in a single twisted wire bit. And she is schooled and goes very happily in hackamores or big fat snaffles. She can go in other bits such as pelhams or curbs for shows, but it does help that I have quiet hands and I'm not in her mouth.

    People who lie about what their horse can do/does, how they placed at a show, etc etc

    All the horse "experts" on YouTube.

    I'll probably think of more after I post this. XDD

  22. People who:
    -rarely scrub big water tub and then use the poopy stable broom to swoosh off the worst
    -never scrub the feed buckets. And then stack them up so that they get even more dirt in them
    -use dried horse manure as bedding
    -dump the horses hay right in their manure pile (and leave the hay strings in the pile too)
    -put the halter on so loose that it cuts off their air (as it slips around their nose when they pull back) and then laugh when the horse goes down and can't breathe and say 'they will learn not to do that next time'
    -clean the stall once a month 'if it needs it or not'
    -blame the horse for everything when they haven't a clue as to how to train them
    -ride the horse even though it is lame

    I could go on an on..... :-(

  23. Ahh Pet Peeves:
    1.Ill Mannered mouthy nippy in my space Horses, RANK Stallions and the stupid owners of both.
    2. Heavy handed riders and those without a good seat who wont post the trot and they just whack whack whack the horses back.( huge peeve)
    3. Kool Aid Drinkers of Big Name trainers.
    4. trainers and people who THINK they are trainers that shout out unasked for advice while you are schooling and concentrating on your ride.Unless I am in immediate deathly peril.... STFU.
    5. Discipline SNOBS and Breed SNOBS.
    6. I dont need to channel my horses Aura,Chakra, reincarnated previous life or any other WHACKED BS. My horse is my partner but we are " not as one" I leave that to my husband thank you.

  24. 1. Pat Parelli
    2. fugly, mean, untrained stallions GELD IT!!

  25. I'm pretty sure I saw that saddle for sale at the Congress last year or the year before (haven't been there yet this year) with a price tag on it that was more than a new car. Something about having a saddle that's worth more than the horse makes me ill. Priorities people.

    -Extreme Peanut Rollers, or as I prefer: Bloodhounds!
    - Those teeny wire snaffles with the heavy weighted rings. For shame.
    - the crazy noob family who's kids run around all over the place and who asked me to help dump their muck tub and then didn't say "thank you".
    - Dirty horses at shows. Seriously, water and soap are cheaper than entry fees. Prioritize.
    - The "absentee owners" in my boarding barn who never do anything with their horses like clean their water buckets or ride them or find someone else to ride them or turn them out.

    And just as a note, I learned how to teach a horse to lunge by walking with it at first and progressing towards lunging by making the line longer and longer and your own circle smaller and smaller until the horse gets the point that they are to go in a big circle around you. Not sure if that's the way anyone else does it, but it worked for me. My gelding sucked at lunging when I bought him so we started out that way and when he relapses to Mr. Switchtastic Man, walking in a circle ensures I can control him better on a shorter line, but in a larger and more comfortable circle for his stride.

  26. 1. Liars
    2. Cheaters
    3. Thieves
    4. People who don't feed.
    5. People who don't know the farriers phone
    6. People who do not handle their horses on a
    regular basis.
    7. People who claim their horse is worth
    thousands and ride in a $100 POS saddle
    8. People who do not ever learn how to
    properly adjust tack.
    9. People who turn horses out in halters.
    10. Proud flesh. Pisses me off. Vets #?
    11. People who claim to want to learn and won't
    shut up long enough to do so.
    12. People who buy ponies any pony for their
    kids who don't know crap about equines
    themselves and become instantaneous members
    of the backyard revolution.
    13. Shitty tack. Any kind.
    14. Tom Thumb bits.
    15. Black hoof polish on white hooves.
    16. Most show clips that end up looking like a
    bikini wax gone very very bad.
    17. People who ride in ring snaffles without a
    18. Tie downs.
    19. Bright pink on a black horse. Don't know
    why but it irritates me.
    20. Soaring, chains, pads, weighted shoes.
    21. Cribbing collars.
    22. Gingering and tailblocking.
    23. Parents who interfere in lessons.
    24. Ridiculous and exaggerative framing.
    25. People who use their horses like bumper
    cars in crowds.
    26. Almost every trend ever promoted.
    27. Unhandled, untrained, unbitted, unbacked, 9
    year old horses that are promoted as
    Parelli level 2.
    28. Damn near every correction bit on the
    29. 40+yr old women who own an Abetta saddle,
    matching Navajo print pad, nylon bridle
    with a Tom Thumb or machine press curb, to
    go with their first ever horsey who just
    happens to be a black Arabian stallion.
    30. The stupid that makes the crazy that
    comprises so much of the horse industry.

    And I want the saddle featured. I have not one clue what I would ever do with it but I want it.
    Which pretty much proves number 30 on my list.
    Whew...I feel better. Thanks CnJ.:)

  27. I am finding a lot of my own pet peeves here, but I must add to the list. People who think that all those who do English riding are rich, snobby, don't love their horses and "too fancy". The "too fancy" is the one I get the most especially from beginners who don't want to start riding in a English saddle because they just want to trail ride. I get this all the time living way out in the boondocks.

    I have been riding since I was a kid and only sat in a western saddle a couple of times. I am far froom rich, I am shockingly tattooed and care a lot about my horses. I also believe that it really does not matter what saddle you start out in. The basics are the same for all disciplines just with some modifications in the refinement of the seat, which a beginner will not have anyway. I also go trail riding all the time.

  28. " People who think that all those who do English riding are rich, snobby, don't love their horses and "too fancy". The "too fancy" is the one I get the most especially from beginners who don't want to start riding in a English saddle because they just want to trail ride. "

    OMG!!! That's one just like Dena's #29 that always leaves me speechless!!!! I HATE riding in most Western saddles because I have short thighs, short legs in general, and can't feel the horse under me for crap.

    Which brings me to:

    People who will NEVER take a lesson and ride all over their poor horses in cheapass Western saddles calling folks who ride English various things like pansy, pussy, wimpy, frou frou.... Hell's Bells, I don't care if you can canter up & down the field in a straight line while keeping a death grip on your reins and saddle horn - but don't make fun of athletic people who can do things like.... JUMP.

    Stupid rednecks.

  29. Pet peeves? I've plenty!

    1. Anyone who rides in the pirate saddle.

    2. People who use the term hunter-jumper as if it's all the same.

    3. People who selfishly keep their 'terminally injured or diseased' horses alive because they don't want to face the grief they'll have if they put the horse down.

    4. People who won't use fly masks because they don't think their horses can see through it.

    5. The supplement aisle at the tack store filled with things that mostly make the owner feel better for giving it to their horse.

    6. Working boarders and students that won't work.

    7. People who have kids 3 years old and up still on the bottle, in diapers or nursing!

    8. Pink tack.

    9. People who use the term 'head set'. Engage hocks and quit staring at the back of your horses head.

    10. Doctors that treat you like you're working for them not the other way around.

    11. People who only take blue ribbons home from a show.

    12. Parents who think they are trainers but have no knowledge.

    13. Trainers or parents who yell from the rail to change diagnols or wrong lead.

    14. Discipline snobs - my hunter is better than your trail horse. Ugh...they are all good horses if they do something productive.

    15. Over schooling jumps in the warm ring. Those riders leave their best ride in the warm ring and wonder why they didn't pin higher.

    Oh there's lots more stuff but this is supposed to be a comment section not a new post on your blog! LOL! Maybe I'll do a post on my blog with this topic....I loved reading everyone's responses too!

  30. I also forgot......people with no arena manners. When I was new to horses, I was riding a green, jumpy horse and one of the boarders proceeded to come in the arena, let their horse loose, which rolled and then took off bucking. I just got OFF my horse...RUDE!

  31. I dont own walkers but I have to say of all this stuff I hate hate hate the thought of Big Lick walkers and that whole scene. I cannot imagine in this supposed civilized world that some still feel that is necessary.

  32. "use dried horse manure as bedding"

    Urgh, people actually do that?????

    I muck stalls for a local family, and I absolutely hate it when the other muckers leave those little turd bits- ya know, the ones that fall through the rake. They wondered why the flies calmed down a ton after I came back from summer break.

    My worst pet peeve is people who don't discipline their horse because they're afraid to hurt its feelings... seriously, he may sulk for five minutes tops, but he certainly won't try to kick you again.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Drillrider - you should learn it anyway, then it just p!sses then off that much more. I had to deal with a few english snobs when i started jumping and riding english. now i plan to take dressage lessons, wait till they find that out :P

  35. Hey. I'm a dressage person...who is quite willing to hop on a western saddle and go down the trail.

    In fact, learning to ride western helped me fix a stubborn problem with my dressage riding.

    I hate discipline snobbery too. I respect everyone, from a properly trained cowboy to an Olympic dressage rider who does their sport *right*.

    Good horsemanship exists in all disciplines. So does bad.

  36. drillrider: i promise not all dressage riders are snobby, it's just a few bad eggs that give it a bad name

  37. That saddle was at Congress two or three years ago. Nothing wrong with it, if someone has that taste and that much money, more power to them. Designing, making, and selling it kept someone employed (Harris Saddlery, their trainer, feed store, hay maker, bedding maker, show clothes manufacturer, etc.)

  38. I just noticed the saddle has a little sign on it: "Do not touch."

    Don't worry, I won't.



  39. Someone's pet peeve was:
    "Watching people lunge while walking drives me nuts."
    I'm aware it is something that "isn't done," but when you get older and your inner ear balance thingie goes on the fritz, it is the only way to manage the task without getting dizzy, staggering around and falling to the ground.
    Please avert your eyes when you see me doing it.

  40. My pet peeve has to be stupid people... I thought I had met stupid horse people, then I met this girl.

    She argued with me when I said horses didn't speak english. She INSISTED that horses were perfectly capable of learning english. She also reasons with her horse when it won't do what she wants. Know how well that works?

    It works so well that she has this lovely piece of torturous machinery she calls a bit. She insists the thing is gentle and in the same breath wondered why her mare tosses her head so much. It's all right though, the mare has been off the track two years and still has one speed: fast. I almost asked her why, if the horse spoke english, she coudln't talk it in to putting it's head down and walking or trotting under saddle. But I figured she'd miss the sarcasm and really attempt to explain it.

  41. Pet peeves...

    2 kinds of horse people.

    1.) Ignorant people who are either too prideful or foolish to ask for help. If you don't know... ASK! (or look it up.) Don't make your horse suffer for your own ignorance.

    2.) Well seasoned horse folks who know a lot... but make less experienced people feel like idiots for asking questions. No one was born with horse knowledge. Everyone started somewhere & it seems some people just get too big for their britches.

  42. Ohhh HAD to add this one... people who think that "close calls" don't require discipline. TRUE story... ready?

    Girl is brushing her horses leg and the little s*** donkey kicks, just barely grazing her head.
    "He didn't mean to hurt me. It must have tickled... if he wanted to kick me, he wouldn't have missed."

    A few days later, same girl drops feed in her horses bucket & circles behind him to exit the stall... horse kicks out, she jumps out of the way just in time. "He's just excited, it's no big deal... ALL horses do stuff like that at feeding time."

    No ma'am... not all horses KICK their owners on a regular basis. *sigh*

  43. I personally cannot stand when someone insists that a certain bit is better than what my horse uses. My mare will go in just about anything with a little shank for running except a tom thumb (shes a barrel horse) and she also runs in a hackamore or could go in a snaffle of any kind however i want more rate from her, although she knows her patterns and could run barrels without me at all, i want to guide her because shes faster with help and if I've got a shank or a little gag bit, SO BE IT i knwo my horse, i know i can stop her with a tug on her mane or a snaffle, or whatever she rides in otherwise. I can't stand the immediate HARSH BIT stereotype because my mares all can ride in anything and be soft. I can't stand barrel racing stereotypes in general, yes some are crazy and high strung but alot are well trained animals

  44. I agree with just about everything on here, but I'd like to add a few more

    the "real" cowboys who will dump hundreds on some crappy shoer, but make fun of my hoof boots and can't "afford" to float their horse's teeth...

    People that can't afford to fit a saddle, or won't

    people who knock performance barefoot without me so much defending it (IE they see my horse is barefoot and INSTANTLY assume I'm a new-age nutcase, rather than someone who made an educated PERSONAL choice...)

    people who CLEARLY don't understand proper saddling

    spur happy barrel racers who thump their legs b/c it looks 'cool'

    barrel racers who whip the sh*t out of a horse who is CLEARLY booking it already

    Dressage riders who lock their elbows and plant their hands down to their knees because somehow that will magically achieve the bit-hand-elbow line...

    jumpers who love to yank the horse in the mouth for a lead change

    hunters who perch and then pin on their bazillion dollar bomb-proof bays and get world renowned credit - but who could never, ever ride one of my REAL horses- IE b/c daddy buys them stuff it makes them automatically perfect riders

    I agree on the discipline snobs and method snobs

    I like the concept of Nat Horsemanship, but certain people *coughs- parelli nuts* take it tooooo far

    Oh yea, and about the rude horses, does it bother anyone else when you watch your friend let their horse drag them all over at, say the mounting block, or grazing, or leading??? OMG pet-peeve of mine

  45. I have just a few peeves....
    1) PARELLI!! I HATE and natural horsemanship crap!
    2) Natural hoof care. My new horse stands wrong b/c his last owner did that!
    3) Harsh bits!
    4) Any "training" devices
    5) unsupervised kids around horses
    6) Idiots that run their horses' noses in my horse's a**!!
    7)Pushy horses. my new horse is pushy b/c his last owner let him do whatever!
    8) Young horses being ridden!
    9) I absalutly HATE horse racing!! not including just play-racing w/ your friends.
    10) Helmetlees riders! my trainer would KILL me if i didnt wear one!
    11) people who think their horse is better!
    12) Idiots forcing their horse or pony over a jump that is WAY too tall! I wont jump my 14.2 pony over a 2'6" jump!
    ... Well, i have more that just a few peeves.

  46. People who think that western riding is for rednecks and does not take any skill! Both western and english take talent...