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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Yes, you are seeing correctly. This is indeed a pink and black dressage saddle. I am just awed by the vast array of hideous pink saddles that are currently available. Someone must be buying them, they have to be or they would not keep producing this crap. The color is a bit off, this thing really is screaming pink, in the photo on the post, you can almost imagine that it is oxblood red and black, which is not QUITE as bad. But, alas, it is merely an anomaly of the digital image.


  1. The other day, an Irony FAIL:

    My daughter was watching Disney channel, and a Barbie commercial came on. With the "I'm a Barbie Girl" music (with retooled lyrics).

    So I'm not at ALL surprised, I guess.... except.... a DRESSAGE saddle?

    I'd much rather have the Union Jack jumping saddle that was on here awhile back.

  2. I really thought that Dressage was a discipline where you could always count on class and elegance in dress and tack. Yeah right.

  3. Aside from the color, where exactly is my butt supposed to go in this saddle?

    Not understanding the narrow twists and ridiculously high cantles in modern dressage saddles, really not.

    This thing screams "Crotch rider."


  4. Ha. I thought from the thumbnail in the reader that it was pink and purple, so I was actually relieved that it was pink and black. I think you may actually be desensitizing us to tacky tack -- how scary is that?

  5. That is just so wrong. And I also thought it was purple and pink.

  6. So much for not liking orange/black. That is looking pretty darn good next to THIS!

  7. I have a question. I've never shown my horses or even learned the English discipline, but are these monstrosities even *allowed* in the show ring? For some reason, I'm not being able to fit "Dressage" and "hideous blazing pink saddle" into the same frame of mind!

  8. Is anyone else thinking "Good & Plenty" candies? :):)

  9. I can't imagine anyone buying this... wow...

  10. Well, d*mn. I checked the USEF rules, and there's nothing that says that ... thing ... can't be used.

    Imagine sitting on that in your nice conservative dressage show clothes... it may be the same color as pepto-dismal but does not have a good effect on my stomach...

    Something tells me a new rule will be coming out. At least I hope so.

    I am now making a noise similar to a cat getting rid of a hairball.


  11. Funny Fireant, My first thought! Good N Plenty.

    Yeach what a saddle. Maybe the thought is the color would distract the judge's eye (how could it not) from the horse's movement...? You could have the worst mover in the world - would the judge be able to focus on the ride or be reaching for the trash can?

  12. As I flip thru posts I missed over the week, first I see the wicked witch of the west's green dressage saddle, then the Barbie version -- which now that I know it is black and pink tones it down some. . . -- I have got to research why on earth are these being produced??? Does anyone already know the answer? I didn't think Good n' Plenty candies -- I thought immediately of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream.