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Monday, October 26, 2009

Seeing Stripes

No, you are not hallucinating, that IS a complete ensemble of zebra striped tack. Something in a nice black and white to ease you into the week.

Comes with bronc halter and 2 different sets of accessories! The spotted saddle cross is a nice touch.


  1. ok, just as you express a fondness for cheetah, I myself express a fondness for zebra. The saddle it'self, not too awful bad, rather cool if I do say so myself. Now I could do without the fancy conchos and flank slots, plain silver would be ok by me, but the rets of the crap... errr stuff, yeah leave that out. this would look much nicer with just a plain leather headstall and breastcollar or perhaps plain black nylon. the ONLY acessory I could see on the leather would be black rawhoide but that is IT.

  2. Why not just ride a zebra with this getup while you are at it and blind everyone? This is WAY over the top!

  3. Hoo! All those stripes made me dizzy!

  4. That'd look bad enough on a solid horse; I can't help but think how utterly dreadful it would look on my pintos!

  5. oh yeah and leave the zebra pad out that id definately overkill! solid black pad and plain tack and it's not so bad.

  6. What's black and white and red all over?

    This saddle, after the rider gets taken out by the Fashion Police.

    (They don't usually shoot to kill, but....)

  7. I actually REALLY like that saddle. It's hard to find a saddle with black rawhide which is what I want, and my butt is big enough to cover most of the stripes. I'd never get all zebra'd out though. I thought it was a cute idea until I actually saw it on a horse. It's too much!

  8. I know you post some crazy WHY WOULD YOU USE THAT ON A HORSE stuff.

    But have you seen this?

    "Short Shank Training Snaffle Bit with 5" wood steel screw mouth and 5 1/2" cheeks "

    Just got posted about on a forum I frequent.

  9. I know it's Fauxbra, but I would feel a little cannibalistic about the concept of using an equid's fur/skin on another equid.

    Analise-that is revolting. I dare anyone to even come close to justifying the use of such a thing. Sick. Even some of the worst bits I've seen I can mildly understand the purpose (however stupid) but this? Only a sadist.

  10. Analise----OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH!!! WHY, OH WHY??? Never will anything even close to something like that be used on my horses.

  11. Halter- check
    Pad- check
    Saddle- check
    Breastcollar- check
    Bridle- check
    Spur straps- check
    Cross- No saddle is complete without a cross! check

    There must be two sets to choose from. One shows the crosses on the big round buttons and the other just has the stripes. Quite the look there... hork.

  12. I like just the saddle, I must admit. The rest, huck it. Maybe I can cut it up and use it for a costume, but otherwise, NO!

    That bit is a crime. I don't even like HANDLING wood screws bare-handed. The thought someone would put something like that in a horses mouth makes me sick.

  13. Drill rider: >>Why not just ride a zebra with this getup while you are at it and blind everyone? <<<
    We HAVE to get a pic of that on a Zebra. Anyone good with photoshop?

  14. Just when you think tasteless has hit bottom, something like this comes along and you realize there is no bottom. It is a black hole. One wonders how one can become a member of their design department? Or market research? I sure as hell would not want anyone to know I had designed this to be sold? And, who would buy it? Bet it has a hefty price tag!

  15. I understand the 'affliction' some have towards the animal prints, cheetah, leopard, zebra, whatever. What I don't understand is why is the seat decorated? Unless you use these saddles as decorations or your tiny hiny is sitting on a way oversized saddle, it's pretty much a moot point. Unless I guess if you're a roper and you fly off the side to wrestle your steer and instead of the crowd watching you, they get fixated on the saddle seat decorations! LOL!~

  16. I'm pretty sure a steer wrestler would be the laughing stock (or get beat up) by the other cowboys if he used this in a rodeo!!

  17. This should come with a safety warning for epileptics (and those with an aversion for gaudy excessiveness).

    One thing I suppose, if you ever got lost on the trail, the search and rescue folk would have no trouble finding you with that eye-popping ensemble.

  18. To be honest, I like everything but the crosses..