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Monday, November 15, 2010


This seller appears over and over on this blog. They seem to have an unending supply of tacky synthetic saddles available. They all seem to be made on basically the same pattern, just with different tacky accents.


  1. Hate the saddle but LOVE the Zebra print! I'd like to have a horse blanket made from that pattern.

  2. That scared me when I first saw it. I have no problems with horse blankets in zebra, and I've seen them before. I always wanted one in cow spots for my Appy mare. :-) But that saddle is ugly.

  3. This looks like crappy printed vinyl!
    Agree, a saddle blanket would be interesting. (I'd go for leopard myself, reminds me of those old paintings of dragoons.)

  4. I think I sent this one in. The other bad part about this is the headstall and breastcollar. Instead of being just zebra's like a zebra snake skin texturized whatever and it's not even black, it's more like a grey and white.

  5. My eyes! My eyes! Make it stop!