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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awful Aqua

Yech, talk about too much. If it weren't for the big flower cutouts on this one it might be more tolerable. As if the background painting of the carving wasn't enough. I could also do without the black rolled edge on the cantle and the bling accessories. Same seller at the zebra catastrophe from yesterday.


  1. Oh, that is the ugliest saddle I've ever seen!

  2. The breastcollar and headstall doesn't even match the saddle, and it looks like the stones are just glued on.

    1 of my rules for buying a saddle online...if it has suede on the inside of the stirrups, go ahead and skip it.

  3. Too. Much. Blue.

  4. Hudson just said, in my head, "Don't even think about SHOWING ME the picture."

    I've been forewarned...