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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Not Gone!!

I am ok folks, no worries there. I just have not been in the TackyTack zone, so to speak, lately. I have been spending every spare daylight hour riding the SRF and my new project Reba. No nickname for her yet. She is a MFT that belongs to another boarder and she needed to be ridden and worked with on basic training. She is coming along well, most of her issues are from being allowed to do whatever she wants. I have done a lot of riding in the hills around the farm with both of them, I have a couple of friends who come ride the SRF and we go bashing through the woods. It seems to help with both horse's confidence levels. Reba is also very out of shape, so it helps there too. I am struck by the difference, Reba will be SOAKED, dripping sweat, and the SRF is not even damp. Just goes to show that my girl is fit, so all the riding I did over the summer has paid off. So, that's whats been going on in my world. I promise I will be back soon with more tackiness.


  1. I'm glad; I was worried! I'm glad it was for such a good busy-ness. And good on your aged mare and you, earning that Equestrian win! Is there video? - Did you see the vid of the 40-year-old Appy, on Fugly the other day?

    I'd like to collect video of both healthy aged horses and of nursing mares, to make a DVD for animal control agencies. It's just a vague idea at present. If it becomes more concrete, I'll come back and ask for permission to re-print some pix from your last post, or get video if possible.

    P.S. I hope you can find time to show us a few examples of tacky tack now and then... We all need some good laughs these days!

  2. Thank God! I was beginning to worry about you, as I look forward to your posts.


    I have been looking around and may be emailing you some tacky tack in the form of links and pictures. I've been a bit hesitant to do that, since I am rather new here (although I have been lurking).

    Best, Flounder

  3. Very Glad to hear from you again.