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Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Floral Fiasco

What is up with all the floral tack!? Yuck, this one has a PURPLE stirrup that doesn't even MATCH. Yuck.


  1. I'm trying to imagine what colour horse this would look alright on but it's just not happening.

    The over done floral theme is bad enough but a pink seat and purple stirrups just add to it's awfulness - you'd of thought if they'd gone to that much trouble with the tooling they could have colour co-ordinated it a bit better.


  2. Could they have done a worse job on color coordination? The seat, tooled flowers and stirrup all clash.......BADLY! Not to mention that the leather stirrup hobble is not the same shade of leather anywhere else on the saddle.

    Is this a Frankenstein saddle that was pieced together in a laboratory on a stormy night?

  3. Drillrider,

    Please don't insult Frankenstein or the mad scientist who pieced him together. ;)

  4. (Frankenstein WAS the scientist. The monster was called "the monster." Sorry, it's the English major in me.)

    I've seen a lot of craptastic painted tack at various swap meets this spring. The leather itself is invariably nasty.

    People would rather spend $300 on a new POS than a nicely cared-for used quality item. I especially see this from stock horse people who don't hesitate to spend big bucks - like, a nice used car - on a silver-encrusted Dale Chavez or something, but buy the nastiest cardboard hunt seat saddles. You know what I'm talking about, the ones made in Crappyleatherstan and painted with baby-poop-caramel-color, with the knee rolls where the suede is actually loose & wrinkled.