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Thursday, April 14, 2011

That looks comfortable...

...or not. Treeless saddles like this scare me.


  1. Hilason's are scary. The company has quite a history of selling questionable products and lousy customer service. These are the cheap treeless saddles that some people damage their horse (or themselves) with and then complain to everyone who will listen that treeless saddles are the debbil! Personally, I love my Sensation Hybrid treeless saddle but it was not cheap in any sense of the word.

  2. Really? I have heard only good about Hilason´s.
    And I also own two cheap treeless saddles, ones origin I don´t know other is some less known company that doesn´t manufacture that model anymore. And both are really good saddles and do not hurt horses at all.

  3. It looks plastic. and i dont trust treeless saddles

  4. I think treeless has a place, but the treeless wars are almost as bad as the barefoot wars.

  5. I've heard only bad things about the Hilasons. That's why I spent the big bucks and bought an Ansur. MUCH better.

  6. So how IS the Ansur? I have a wide horse with sharkfin withers. I'm happy right now with the very wide County Competitor I've got, but I've always wondered about treeless....

    Hilasons look like cheap cheap cheap pieces of doo doo.

    Really, every horse has different saddle needs. Sometimes treeless is the way to go, sometimes you simply need a traditional saddle that FITS. Just because my beloved old all purpose saddle doesn't fit my current horse doesn't mean it's crap - it just doesn't fit him!

    That saddle up there is hideous and looks like a great method for putting you into a nasty chair seat.

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