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Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

At least for a little while. My show got cancelled this past Saturday, no one wanted to play in the mud. There is another one this coming weekend, and unless it stops raining soon, it will likely be cancelled too. I plan to show the SRF aside in the local horse show association's Ladies Gaited class and I also plan to show her in the local gaited horse association's shows. We have been practicing diligently with the side saddle lately. I even took it on a trail ride Saturday in lieu of the cancelled show. I am sort of glad to have another week for more hair to shed off of her, she looks kind of moth-eaten at the moment. I am excited to do this, and I hope she behaves herself and doesn't have a nervous fit at all the new stuff. I have a riding habit pieced together, cost me all of about $65 and that includes a wool felt bowler hat (new) and a new vest and shirt. I got a blazer to use until I can get a day coat made and it cost me all of $5 at Goodwill. Yes we can do this on the cheap. I made a cute ribbon brow band for her with teal and purple ribbons and braided a set for her forelock and mane. The daycoat will be teal satin with the matte side out and will be lined in purple. How fun. Now if the weather will just cooperate!

Now, some Tacky Tack...

Sorry it's teeny, but I was unable to save a larger one. If I can find one I will update.


  1. UGH. We've had nonstop rain here, too, and the whole week should be that way. The flowers sure are pretty, but my new barn only has an outdoor ring.

    Oh well......

  2. We just got our first rain in about a month. Wasn't the crazy downpour we needed, but any water is welcome.

  3. That pics ok, it is ugly enough small.

  4. I didn't realize you had a gaited're in for a good time showing aside. We've got a sloppy mess around here too, and I'm having a devil of a time keeping those socks white for the upcoming weekend.

  5. I was trying real hard to ignore that saddle-like object.
    Does it belong to David Lee Roth, perchance?

  6. As a western girl at a 99.9% western club, that little stripe-y english saddle would actually fit in quite nicely. As long as it wasn't a trash saddle, I'd TOTALLY use it to learn english. As a fun learning saddle, I dig it. As a show saddle, I'd get rotten Easter eggs thrown at me.

  7. Robin, yep, she is gaited. She is a mix of TWH and ASB, her mother had a great deal more Saddlebred blood than I suspected from the way this filly turned out. She doesn't even look like a TWH, though her sire was full, if unregistered, Walking Horse. She has the smoothest gaits of any horse I have ever ridden, save for one Peruvian Paso. Riding her aside is pretty easy, until we stop moving and she decides to stand hipshot on the left side and contort herself around, which throws everything off balance. She is so flexible and squirmy, it's like trying to stay on top of a cat.