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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Show Canes for Sale

I have two hand made show canes available for purchase. They are $45 each plus packaging and shipping in a custom storage tube.

The first is a gorgeous black handled one with the pink floral design has a lovely soft, black leather handle which is hand sewn on. It measures 43" long and could be shortened upon request.

The second is a 40" long cane with a lovely brass and glass knob. The handle is wrapped and hand sewn with a beige leather that affords an excellent grip. This is an elegant and unique piece and the flash of red on the handle is very eye catching.

I accept PayPal or money order. Email me at for more information.


  1. I plead ignorance - what is a show cane?

  2. It is normally used in side saddle, to replace the offside leg. It is stiffer than a whip and provides a bit more clear signal to the horse.

  3. They are lovely show canes. I have followed your blog for a while.