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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another torturous "training" device

Torturous, that is the only word I can use to describe this thing. I like sidepulls, I think they are an excellent training aid. It allows you to teach a young horse to respond to direct rein signals while saving their sensitive mouths. This thing, however, takes things too far. Instead of the traditional lariat rope noseband, it has a STEEL bar wrapped in copper wire. Sure to make them very responsive to pressure on their noses. Never mind that big raw spot with blood running down their noses, they will listen to this thing.

Stuff like this makes me sick. For heaven's sake people, WHY? Is the usual lariat rope noseband (which CAN rub a nose raw by itself if used too roughly and incorrectly) not enough? Now we have to purposely invent something more immediately capable of inflicting pain?


  1. What a piece of work, oh yes, let's put this on a young horse to start with. What are people thinking? Oh that's right, they're not thinking.

  2. I had person tell me once (who is supposedly a dressage trainer) "violence begins where knowledge ends". Funny thing is that a friend put her horse in training with her and she used violent training methods! Therefore, I guess she knew what she was talking about?

    I have to admit, before I knew better I would get frustrated and rough with my horses. Now I am just "matter of fact" and if the horse chooses to misbehave, then they have to work harder. Horses figure out the easy route rather quickly!

  3. Why is this stuff not banned? I hate to see common sense legislated but there is no practical reason for these devices. The only way the horse can protest is by behaving badly which will illicit an even more violent training method from someone who feels they need to use this s**t in the first place. Responsible trainers & owners need to look at what is being offered and tell these manufacturers no thanks.

  4. Combinations like this make me sick. I am surprised it does not have a twisted wire mouth in there.

  5. People will buy it if they think it will work.

    If they see BNT using it- they think it will produce the same results for them. Just by putting it on the horse...

    If it has BNT's name attached to it- it will sell.

    Don't believe me? Look at all of the NH stuff out there, look at the BNT- equipment on the market in any catalog.

    Very few items of the 'mild mannered' equipment has a big name attached to it.

    Why is that?

    Maybe you should post the manufacturers info so we can start a campaign of getting them to quit marketing such torturous crap. It's a start.

  6. Wow, what a great tool for making any horse eager to get a bridle put on! (note sarcasm)

  7. How else to do expect to get them 100% quiet and with a good headset in a bosal if you don't use something else to make them good and sore beforehand? /sarcasm

    I've seen these used, quik-stops, cowboy halters...anything to sore up the nose and jaw. And if you make them bleed or make big raw patches, no biggie, just put hoof black over the open wounds right before you go in the ring and you'll be fine.

    I've seen pretty much every BNT arab western guy on a bloody jr horse at least once.

  8. I just caught that this bit is shown on a 'kind' know, the throat latch doesn't double up under the headstall on the poll? So the horse is more *comfortable* while it's being tortured?

  9. Hey, I can totally see a use for this when... um... if.... if... uhhhh....


    Unless you're into kinky stuff and shorten those straps if you or your ponyboy have a petite face....