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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Price of Tack

All three of these retail for OVER $2000.00! Two THOUSAND dollars folks. I don't think you could PAY me two thousand dollars to take one. Well, maybe, but I would immediately take fine grit sandpaper and remove the leather varnish and then dye the sucker black. Oh and pry the rhinestones loose. Blech. Overkill much? Painted flowers, rhinestones, ostrich, pink, silver lacing and conchos! All in one terribly tacky, terribly expensive, disgusting package.


  1. That 2nd blue flowery thing took my breath away... and not in a good way(the 'flowers' do have a van gogh starry night kind of look though) and then I saw the third one - good lord!! Those two make the pink tiger saddle look positively classy.

  2. For the person with more money than taste! The second one is truly hideous! I've always HATED paisley and to put it on a saddle is beyond comprehension.

    When I was growing up, my mother purchased an ugly paisley dress for me and insisted I wear it. I wore it to church once to appease her and never donned the offensive garb EVER again!!

  3. I seen a saddle like that pink one but the only flowers were on the skirt way in the back and it was very tastefully done. It was a very expensive kids saddle custom made by this guy in the US but the coloured seat, yikes! no ones even gonna see the stupid seat anyway unless you plan on not even riding your horse in it.

  4. The third one would be so pretty if it weren't for the pink and painted parts and such (basically if it were all one color). The first one I guess isn't toooo maddening, but I'd like the pink areas to be black or something. The second one I just can't look at. I would take $2000 and the saddle if I could burn it...

  5. If that 1st one was in another color, I'd soooo ride in it (but I have a hard enough time justifying $600 for a saddle).

    The 3rd would be great if it wasn't colored in.

    The 2nd looks like someone already threw up on it.

  6. Dude! By the title, I thought it was going to be a post about the outragous price of some things, or maybe the one where we all post some of the excellent deals we have scored.



    BTW- the Stray Dog's are around $2,000 and a far better deal. Hubby's arrived and it is sweeeeeet!

  7. Are we sure the last two aren't cakes piped with buttercream frosting? They are making me hungry.

  8. The first one not so bad.....I say this only after seeing the others. Do people RIDE in this stuff?

  9. It looks like ... like .... I dunno.

    That blue & yellow one looks like IKEA eyes staring at me.

    I kind of like the concept of a little dyed (not painted) accent here and there, but... *gulp* rhinestones?

    And those colored seats.... fake ostrich.....


    Who buys this stuff anyway? Contesters? Trail riders?

  10. That last one totally looks like a cake with the icing roses piped around the edge.

  11. I actually like the first one... it looks like one of those eelskin seats, the are supposed to be like superglue... and anyway, I like the idea of having a hidden little spot of tacky.

    The second two... *shudder* esp the cake icing look? Ewww...

  12. Eelskin! That is, like, SO 1988.

    I had an eelskin purse for awhile... my mom had an eelskin wallet, but it tended to mess with the magnetic strips on her credit cards.

    I'd think that eelskin wouldn't be a good durable choice for a Western saddle seat.

    Is stingray any better? Besides having the ability to be dyed in myriad tacky patterns?

  13. CP- Ikea eyes- I was thinking more like

    Ikea threw up...

    The first one I would like if it were in purple. I would totally ride that!

    The other two- I doubt changing the colors could do anything towards helping it become less atrocious.

  14. Cattypex- oops, maybe I am thinking of stingray.

  15. For that much money, the makers could put a twist in the stirrup leathers so the stirrups hang right.

  16. Ok, I'll admit, I freaking LOVE the first one! That is, if it were a different color, ANYTHING other than neon starfish. The other 2 are ehhh, interesting.