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Friday, June 12, 2009


I need your help! Send me photos of...

Saddling mistakes, saddle fitting errors, tacky tack, scary bits, stupid training devices, whatever you may come across and think might belong on this list. I really want to avoid clothing and rider dress, just horse clothing please.

Thanks from TackyTack!!
Here is a cute pic of the new foal. This was a couple of hours after he was born. He is now 3 weeks old and growing like a weed!!


  1. Congrat on a healthy foal! What a cutie!

  2. Congrats on the new foal! I just sent you a ton of pictures... enjoy! Keep up the good work!

  3. How adorable!! I want a foal, but won't breed mine (too many flaws)

  4. I'm at work, no email access, but:

    LOLz at curb strab fail:,276_Rods-Exclusive-Austin-Aristocrat-Top.html

    Cute baby! :)

  5. Congrats on the foal. Here's wishing good luck and good health for him!

    I try to send what I find. The dressage coat the other day with a teal lining was just beyond hideous and matched the teal saddle, though one is english the other western. I put a link in the comments for anyone adventurous for a look.

    The clothing would take it to a whole different level, but what some of us like- others do not.

    I knew there was some hideous tack out there, but you keep finding more than I thought could possibly exist.

  6. Amy,

    Are you referring to the Bit Hobble as a curb strap fail? I can clearly see the curb strap buckle and to me it looks properly located or am I missing something? A Bit Hobble has a different purpose.

    Bit Hobble: LINK

  7. Gorgeous boy! I love bays with a star and snip, and mom is a pretty girl too.

  8. Amy, I agree with SillyPony. If you look at the enlarged photo, they do have a curb strap on where it should be, and a bit hobble where it should be as well.

  9. My bad, thanks for the heads-up.

  10. This is a bit OT, but I never realised just how horrible some of the stuff on here is lol. I was riding my instructors greenie today (not hers, in for training), and I had to do a double take when I saw his tack. It wasn't hideous, and it wouldn't stand out on here, but it still hurt to look at. Diamonte browband (english tack btw) which wasn't that bad, numnah was studded with rhinestones all over (literally everywhere except where the saddle was), and the saddle was the worst. Black leather, huge rhinestones on the front, silver piping and rhinestones on the stirrup leather keepers. I can't imagine what seeing some of the tack on here in real life would be!

  11. Amy,

    I probably would have thought the same thing if I'd never seen a Hobble before. I'm a catalog freak and have seen Bit Hobbles in catalogs while reading them like books...old habit from when I was a horse crazy kid. I just recently took note of them because I have a horse that likes to put everything in his mouth, including his bit shanks, and the Hobble supposedly helps with that. Haven't tried one yet, though.

  12. So, like, did your dam paint that adorable nose marking on that little guy on purpose? :)

    He's gorgeous!