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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scary Bit of the Week

For this week's entry of Scary Bit of the Week. We have a lovely gag/hack combination. It features a nice bicycle chain noseband (covered by tubing) a three piece gag mouth, and some nice extensions above the noseband to add leverage.

WHY? Haven't we proven that this DOES NOT WORK? That if you start using things like this instead of training your horse correctly, it creates a vicious cycle of horse getting harder to control -----> move to a bigger bit ------> bigger bit stops being effective -------> horse gets harder to control -------> move to a bigger bit ------> eventually run out of bigger bits -------> get a new horse -------> repeat as necessary.

I just don't understand.


  1. You know that definition of insanity..."doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results".....that applies here.

    Some how, some way, in some world of their own imagination, people who use this crap don't make the connection between using harsh equipment and their horse totally FREAKING OUT when ridden?

  2. Well, I can say one thing: at least the noseband has - hopefully thick - plastic tubing over it. Can you imagine the inhumane wounds if it weren't!?

  3. Yeah, but how many folks do you think remove it when it begins to become ineffective?

  4. I can only imagine the look my horse would give me if I ever tried this on him.

  5. I know someone who used this bit! OMG, I almost died when I saw it! I helped them sell the horse to someone who knows better, a true upgrade for the guy.

  6. All I ask folks considering buying crap like this is one thing.

    When this no longer works- then what?

    If it makes them stop and think, even for a moment about what they are or have been doing, it's at least a moment less the horse will be wearing it.

    Sometimes it is enough to make them realize there has GOT TO be a better way. It is but one small step and one nonjudgemental and non implying statement to make them think.

    Granted in some cases thinking produces smoke...

  7. UGH.

    Why is this crap even legal?

    If you showed up at a local contesting show with this thing, I bet no one would kick you out.

  8. Even with the plastic tubing, that nose band is way bad.
    People that use this crap are not thinking at all.

  9. I think it should be legal to make any horse owner who uses cruel and unusual tack to undergo the same thing the horse does.

  10. JE-SUS. You know, I almost think this is worse than the bits used on TWHs in the sore horse show ring.


  11. Pretty common bit for playdays... See this all the time.

    Saw a 14 hand Arab gelding being ridden in a bit with 7" shanks and a broken mouth accompanied by a cable nose tie down and poorly trained child wearing long neck spurs with a piece of rope tied to the saddle horn ending in several leather lashes.

    They were winning the 13 & under division, so no one really cared that the poor gelding was being beaten, punished, abused with every step.

  12. *head desk* I don't even know of when this would be an option. Holy, I hate pulling out anything with a port of any kind let alone this kind of crap.

    Both my arab & TB are worked in with draws once a week or if in one of his moods (arab owners know what I am talkin about, lol). Ugh when we bridle the arab up western I hate it because of the bit, its more than he needs. But show rules say no horse over 5 is to be ridden in a snaffle. I think thoes rules need to dissapear cause sorry my boy CAN neck rein in a snaffle direct reining would not be necessary. UGH.

    But that thing is an abomination. My TB would freak since I have her trained such that minimal rein is used. She actually gets rowdy if your too tight on the rein.

    Its like when I do riding lessons and teach how certain bits, equipment and such works. If you were the horse...which would you choose. Its amazing how well putting it in a perspective of what if someone put that on you.