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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

Welcome readers, it is time again (in upper class British accent with cultured music playing in the background) for the weekly edition of Scary Pink Saddle.

Today we have a snazzy little number in a lovely shade of pink bismuth (Pepto) with sharp black accents and eye catching silver embellishments. It included a bridle and matching breastcollar as well. (Music fades out)

You know, if this was solid black or a natural leather I would actually LIKE it. As is, WHY?


  1. The silver and gold would look nice on a "decent" saddle. It sure is wasted on this thing though! What is with all the pink? Not that many people can be a Paris Hilton wannabe?

  2. When will all this pink nonsense stop?!!

  3. You say *why* and I say *why not*???? looks nicely made.....
    It looks to be FUN......

    I kinda like that trim......not overdone.....

  4. I agree, just yikes! As I have said for YEARS pink is the color of the devil. This stuff actually makes me happy I have very hard to fit horses. The 55 gallon drum round Arab and the big withered but wide as a tank Thoroughbred. Its bad when you look in the tack room and can tell which saddles of mine go to which horse. LOL

  5. I'm betting synthetic since it's on the same vine draped picket fence.

    Synthetic, pathetic and dyed with Pepto-Dismol. A few bits of silver to 'pick it up' but it clashes instead.

  6. I'd almost be inclined to buy the saddle for the plates and transplant them onto something else (in a non-violent, natural color) but the plates are probably that cheap "silver".

    Who in their right mind is buying all this pink stuff?

  7. It is truly frightening when there is a Pink Saddle of the week. That is just way too much pink. I like pink flowers and tasteful pink highlights on some clothing. But that pink saddle is just, is just, I'm speechless.

    Found something for you here..

  9. Wow, I´we lost my mind somewhere, but I really like something about it. What i don´t know. Not the color! I mostly hate pink when there is too much of it.

    But in the other hand, in some situations crazy coros can be good.

    Like purple rainrug i did buy for my gelding. It takes down the risk of if ANY reason my horse gets loose and runs away (not that there is any reason)he wouldn´t be shot by hunters who think he´s a moose or something :)