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Friday, February 12, 2010


Wow, blatent rip-off of the eebul corporation's characters. Not to mention ugly. I have had one on here before, but this one had to be posted too. Thanks to the reader that sent this one in!


  1. I like cartoons. I really do. Just not on my tack. And not so poorly done either. This one is just an epic fail on a few different levels.

  2. So... do people buy this? I can't even imagine.

  3. This is a complete and total justification why you are not allowed to rip off the eebul corporation. And....what is up with cutting the entire top half of the horse off in the front? Someone had to notice that during assembly!

  4. I want an Aqua Teen Hunger Force emblazoned saddle. Think they'd make one for me?

    scaequestrian, CONGRATS on your sidesaddle! You look great! Where did you find it?

  5. I found it in a local tack shop! Seems to be fairly well made, the leather isn't GREAT, but it will do.

  6. That is awful.

    That's all I can say... just awful. The cartoons aren't even good, for crying silently to oneself.

  7. Most excellent, scaeq. It must have been meant to be that you were supposed to have that saddle since it was in a local tack shop! Very, very cool!

  8. Does it come in Spongebob?

    sorry couldn't resist. I cracked myself up. I'll go away now.

  9. I do believe that the only reason I would own that is if it were a prize.
    I might use is as a colt breaking saddle...if I couldn't get rid of it.
    And I would be praying that the colt broke the saddle.
    I would like one that had a Decepticons logo on it. But just one logo.
    On a side note: my friend found a saddle that she couldn't pass up, reining saddle with a Batman logo on it. It's funny because the name of her reining horse is Batman. I actually fell down laughing.

  10. Holly, if I were you friend, I'd have done the same thing. But why would someone name a horse Batman? That just seems a bit odd... I hope he's black.

    A Decepticons saddle would be pretty cool, I have to admit. It would have to be black, though.

  11. He is black, but his name is Batman 'cause he is an escape artist and we have no idea how he does it. Decided he must be batman with a utility belt.

    I think I need a horse named Decepticon. To match the saddle. *giggle*

  12. The mouse looks like it belongs on Family Guy...

  13. I know a horse named Batman.... he is a honkin' big grade paint with a "mask" over his eyes.

    KP... mooninites on yer saddle, flippin' off the judge would be WAY Klassy. Then again most ponies have the same personality as Master Shake.

    My dad used to fly for a charter airline that went to all corners of the globe. He would bring back all KINDS of bootleg merchandise, some well-done, some even worse than this. The Peanuts T Shirt from Saudi Arabia was especially poor.

    This saddle has GOT to be someone's 4H project... right? Or maybe, just maybe, these are characters from a cartoon popular in Central America.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. OMG, CP, that would ROCK to have mooninites on my saddle! But I really, really love could I not include him? But I have to diagree--I think ASBs are a bit closer to Master Shake's personality. But then again, I know A LOT of good, well-behaved ponies!

    Decepticon would be an awesome name for a horse! Autobots...not so much.

    I like the reasons behind the Batman names, guys. I know a lady who had a kitten with a "mask" on. Her chin neck and under her jaws was white, but the whole top of her head from the nose and cheeks up was black. So they named her Batgirl. She was so cute!