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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scary Pink Saddle of the Week

OMG HOLY CRAP THAT'S LOUD. Wow, the saddle itself is not so bad, really, it is just all of the sequins, rhinestones, tinsel fringe, and neon pink halter that makes the overall picture so frightful and eyeball searing.


  1. Love the pad... it just screams "jazzhands!"

  2. Minus the fringe- it's adorable! Just think how cute this would look on a little blaze faced, white legged bay mare! Nice to see just a snaffle on that bridle, too.

  3. I'm thinking Elvis and Liberace's clothing designers got drunk one night and said "I know! Let's break out, design for rodeo!" (They would think all things horse are rodeo...)

  4. The fringe really sends it over the tacky edge. Once more I'm visualing this on an arab, the rider in matching outfit.

  5. It doesn't say 'look at me.'
    It's all up in your face screaming it.
    The saddle looks like a good one, nice rough-out.

    (BTW, if you ride a rough out saddle, wear a belt. there is nothing worse than realizing that your jeans stick and you are actually coming out of your jeans.)

  6. I like the bit. Not much else, but I do like the bit.

  7. I confess, I can TOTALLY see it on a black, white, gray or blue roan horse (or some combo thereof) in a parade or drill team/color guard...

    In an Arab, NSH, Saddlebred, or Percheron type group in one of those situations, with some badass lipstick cowgirls in matching jackets, I can totally see it.

    NOT the show ring.

    And I might favor a black saddle with it instead... but....
    I kinda like it.

    Guess I'm having a diva day. I put on eyeliner.

  8. Swap all of the hot pink for red and minus the dangly fringe and I totally want that set-up. I've always wanted a barrel saddle with the black rawhide too. I'm digging that bit too.

    And what the heck are those tan-ish straps in the front? For some reason, I'm picturing that to be the oh S*** handles but I'm sure they have an actual purpose. To me, it looks like a small saddle. I think it would be perfect for a pink-loving tiny tot bouncing around the barrels.

  9. The saddle pad! <3 <3 <3 It cracks me up! I would actually love it. Definably not for every day riding just something super fun you could use in show games or camp races! 100% silliness.

  10. It is for barrel racing. It is supposed to grab every ones eye. (Or even blind the competition LOL)
    I love it! Probably because it is mine. I made the pad, and a shirt to match, as well as the Swarovski crystal conchos on the saddle. You would be surprised how many people ask me to start selling them.

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