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Friday, February 5, 2010

Seeing Stripes

Holy cow, this thing is ugly. It's a synthetic, that is obvious, and on top of that it is a multi-colored striped synthetic. It looks like someone made it out of one of those hideous sweaters that their grandmother got them for Christmas. It bothers me that the stripes are vertical everywhere but on the fenders. Gag.


  1. Has got to be one of the most awful color combinations they could come up with. Reminds me of the old guy in the ugly golf shorts paired with golf shoes and mismatched socks.......EEWWWW!!! Just NASTY on the eyes!

  2. EWWW!!!
    thats just hidious, but i think there's a saddle almost like that one sitting in one of my barn's tackrooms. owned by the people that never come to ride their poor old horse

  3. I wonder if the vertical stripes were going for the slimming look and the horizontal were to provide some width to the fenders.

    Epic Fail! any way I look at it. And I am really trying not to. My eyes, my eyes!

  4. They put the saddle blanket on top!

  5. What strikes me, is that is looks well used. Really? Like ridden in? :)

  6. Is that crochet? What is next, needlepoint show saddle? "Look at the detail and glitter on that one...I wish the rider would dismount so we can examine the saddle quality...."