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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who DAT!

Boudreaux dies and he go to hell. The Devil, he go to visit his new tenant and he find Boudreaux sittin on his front porch in his rockin chair. He say, "Boudreaux, how you like the weather here?" Boudreaux, he say to the Devil, "Oh, it real nice, feel just like March back home." The Devil, he say to himself, "What I gonna do wit this guy?" So he go to the thermostat and turn up the heat. A couple days later he drop in on ol' Boudreaux again and find him sittin in the rockin chair again, wit a glass of tea. He say, "Boudreaux, what you think now? Hot enough for you?" Boudreaux, he take a drink of his tea, "Well, Devil, it not bad, feel just like June back home." The Devil, he perplexed, so he go turn up the heat some more. A few days later he go back to Boudreaux and ask, "Well, Boudreaux, you think its too hot now?" Boudreaux, he fan himself a bit and say, "No, it still not too bad, bout like August at home." The Devil, he beside himself now, he say to himself, "I fix him." He go to the thermostat and turn it all the way down, it starts snowing. Couple days later he go to Boudreaux and he freezin, shivering, all wrapped up in the blankets. The Devil he say, "Well Boudreaux, what you think now?" Boudreaux, he shiverin so hard his teeth chattering, "Oh, Devil, the Saints must have won the Super Bowl!"

And this morning in Little Rock, AR there is several inches of snow on the ground. WHO DAT!!!


  1. Yep, dem Saints won the Super Bowl. I do not say that loudly living in the Land of Colts. I was glad. Very glad. Go, Saints!!!!

  2. WHO DAT!!!
    GO SAINTS!!!

  3. I don't even LIKE football and I was happy for them.

    No word yet from the other half on how "we" did in his office Super Bowl pool.

    Oh, funny. My STB's second sire on the sire side is Super Bowl.

  4. Snow in Arkansas? Must be global warming!


  5. When I'm so-so about who wins, I choose the uniforms I like the best, so I rooted for the Saints with the gold tights! WOO-HOO! They needed that after Katrina anyways!

  6. I'm in South Louisiana and that game was AMAZING. Saints vs. Vikings was a better overall game just because it was one of those edge-of-your-seat games. But we WON the SUPER BOWL. Holy cow. Hell is freezing. Pigs are flying. And of course we had a parade last night to celebrate it (and I watched on tv lol).


  8. I love this post!! Totally Great! I went to college in Louisiana, It was total culture shock for a girl from New Mexico. I do miss some things about Louisiana especially the crawfish.