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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Central Arkansas SPCA

These fine folks are trying to raise money to build a shelter in Central Arkansas. They could use any help you can give! They have gourmet dog treats for sale $3 for a gallon bag and $1 for a quart. They are all natural, human grade ingredients, contain no meat by products or sugar and come in butter cookie flavor, peanut butter, and carob. Some are yogurt dipped. They are overruns and broken stock from a local canine treat baker. You can find their Facebook group here . We can probably ship you a Priority Flat Rate Box with 6 lbs of treats for $20. These treats are sold at PetSmart for $10 for less than a pound! The dogs LOVE them. You can send a money order payable to Central Arkansas SPCA to PO Box 6232, Jacksonville, AR 72078. Please specify "Cookies", flavor preference, and a return address. Prices are available for larger amounts, please inquire.

My dog, Shiva, very much approves of these treats! She LOVES them.