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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cowhide Catastrophe

This would look so weird on a brown and white paint. I am not all about the hair on part on the swells especially. If it were a double skirted saddle, I might could tolerate the lower one being cowhide, but as it, it is a bit overwhelming. Just not my cuppa.


  1. Is the hardware for the Latigo Tie strap in a sort of reversed fit???? I don't get this! I might be able to tolerate the saddle if it was for a parade or if the leather was darker... but I'm no fan of hair on cowhide...

  2. One Dandy- it looks like it may have the two ring rigging set up. To minimize the bulk under your leg, you know... Riveted to the skirt of course. I hate that.

    Wonder how long the hair on the part under the leathers and fenders stay on? I bet it doesn't last.

  3. Who dreams this stuff up and who buys it???